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Call of Duty Mobile Has an Incredible Gun Skin

Call of Duty Mobile is putting out some very interesting skins these days and that includes one particular gun skin that definitely stands out.

Offering up new cosmetics and skins in Call of Duty has been a longstanding tradition. Whether talking about Call of Duty operator skins or different gun skins there have been quite a few that have stood out from the pack but perhaps none more so than a new gun skin that recently showed up in Call of Duty Mobile.

Skins and cosmetics have especially become big moneymakers for the Call of Duty franchise in the last few years as microtransactions have taken off in the video game world. Now that the COD series has made its way to the mobile platform it should come as no surprise that the developer are finding new and interesting ways to make skins for the iOS and Android versions of the game. In fact there are more than a few players who believe there is a bit more attention being paid to the mobile version when compared to whats on offer on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Recently one Reddit user in Alpha_Marine showed off one of the most impressive gun skins to ever pop up in any Call of Duty game. In a short video showing off what is known as the Mythic Peacekeeper gun skin the footage showed a player holding the glowing blue and gold gun when it suddenly started separating into several pieces. Once everything seemed to fall away but a small blue gemstone that gem started to shake a bit and then all the pieces of the gun came back together.
Its not clear if this particular weapon might be considered pay to win as other Call of Duty skins have been accused of over the last few years but it certainly looks like an impressive weapon. As other Reddit users quickly pointed out its appearance isnt the only thing that stands out.

Several other users on the social media site pointed out that in order to get this particular skin it doesnt matter if its considered one of the Call of Duty pay to lose or pay to win skins what is clear is that people need to pay quite a bit. According to several Redditors that gun skin costs $150 and can even cost $200 more in order to upgrade it. Several users used the post to lament just how much money COD developers are perceived to be trying to make off the microtransactions surrounding the games. Its possible that if the rumored Call of Duty skin sharing does come to pass it could blunt the anger some have towards the continued rolling out of microtransactions.

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