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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Every Main Villain, Ranked

Buffy slays many vampires and monsters over the years Heres our ranking of every main villain in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy a teenager who is chosen to defeat vampires demons and other monsters Over seven seasons she and her friends Willow Alyson Hannigan and Xander Nicholas Brendon plus Watcher Giles Anthony Stewart Head take on everything from insect women to Dracula himself The shows foundation consists of monster of the week episodes similar to The XFiles Sometime in the seasons first half we get a glimpse of the Big Bad who serves as that seasons main villain The audience learns about them as the characters do with interspersed conflicts that eventually lead to a final confrontation – a format today seen in numerous superhero TV shows Buffy faces many memorable villains throughout the show Heres our list of every main villain ranked.

The First Evil
The final season of the show brings its most ambitious villain the embodiment of the very first evil which can assume the forms of the dead and reborn While a fitting opponent for Buffy after her years of villains the First Evil is almost too ambitious The factor of possessing peoples bodies creates fear and uncertainty over whom to trust  it even takes Buffy is own form  but the downside is that there is nothing concrete for Buffy to take on theres no face to put to the Evil Smaller opponents throughout the season like the preacher Caleb or the vampire army that the First raises are better villains.

Season four introduces the Initiative a secret military organization in Sunnydale that captures and studies monsters According to ScreenRant the show originally intended to have Maggie Walsh Lindsay Crouse leader of the organization be the main villain When Crouse had to leave the show a Franken stein like creature named Adam George Hertzberg that she created became the new antagonist As a result Adam is introduced as the big threat late in the season and has little narrative buildup or interaction with Buffy His goal to create a race of creatures like himself also doesnt bring the same stakes or tension as other villains.

Season six focuses on Warren Adam Busch along with his sidekicks Andrew Tom Lenk and Jonathan Danny Strong Theyre three human nerds who have had small conflicts with Buffy in the past and team up to take her on a weak backstory that doesnt give a lot of weight to their actions Without powers most of their villainy comes from technology like gadgets that make Buffy invisible or make her relive the same hour of work Theyre more annoying than a threat until Warren shows up at Buffys house with a gun wounding her and killing Tara Amber Benson Taras death turns Willow into Dark Willow who embraces the dark sides of her magic and does more in three episodes than Warren does all season.

Spike and Drusilla
Season two introduces the vampire couple of Spike James Marsters who has killed two vampire slayers and Drusilla Juliet Landau who is weakened in both mind and body after nearly being killed Their main goal is to capture Angel David Boreanaz who made Drusilla a vampire and is the key to restoring her to health Once this is accomplished the two dont have a strong motivation as villains In addition after Angelus emerges and teams up with Drusilla Spike forms an alliance with Buffy to stop Angelus and get Drusilla back Spike and Drusilla are great fun to watch but not as strong in terms of pure villainy.


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