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Britney Spears’ dad has ‘sunk to new low’ as he tries to publicise her medical records

Britney Spears lawyer said that her father Jamie Spears is trying to harass and bully her daughter by wanting to publicise her medical records. In court documents filed by the Toxic hit-makers lawyer Mathew Rosengart the singer claimed that her dad wants to unseal the medical documents for revenge and vindication. Jamie has sunk to a new low with yet another regrettable — and mean-spirited — attempt to bully harass and intimidate his own daughter Mathew argued in legal docs obtained by Page Six.

The mother of twos attorney also noted that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (CMIA) would protect her medical docs from being unsealed regardless. Jamies lawyer Alex Weingarten asked in his motion filed on 22nd July that the singer be deposed and as proof presented some of her previously unsealed medical records. There is no part of this that is an effort to leak records to the public Alex told the outlet There is a procedure that you must follow to file documents under seal of the court and that is the procedure we followed. He added that his team is attempting to negotiate for a protective order governing the use of confidential information so the medical records wont be released publically.

What would happen if we ever get the deposition and there were ever legitimately confidential information then it would be shielded from public view he noted. Britneys attorney pointed to the date of her fathers request as it comes just two weeks after a judge decided to rule in the singers favour that Jamie be deposed. The idea that this is part of a nefarious scheme is ridiculous Jamies legal team said. It is unfortunate that Britneys counsel continues his relentless barrage of ad hominem attacks against Jamie.

It is presumably because he does not have any actual evidence but regardless it is unwarranted and unprofessional the statement added. Britneys lawyer concluded by saying that Jamies own wonderful iconic daughter is now free and wants to move on with her life. That should be all that matters. That is all that would matter to a decent loving father. He should stop abusing the process. He should stop harassing and bullying his daughter. And he should move on Mathew said.

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