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Britney Spears Attorney Slams Jamie Spears for Bullying His Daughter and Seeking Private Investigator’s Files

As Britney Spears court battle continues her lawyer is asking the judge to prohibit her father Jamie Spears from accessing files from a private investigator that was hired by the pop stars legal team to help probe into his management of his daughters 13year conservator ship which he largely oversaw Spears father has requested records from K roll the PI firm brought on by the singers attorneys Now the stars lawyer is asking the court to quash his attempt as they point to his continued bullying and refusal to appear for his deposition.

In a motion filed this week the singers attorney Mathew Rosengart requests the court limit the elder Spears deposition subpoena for the production of business records issued to non party Kroll Associates Rosengart writes that his clients father subpoena is extremely overbroad unduly burdensome and oppressive In the new court docs Rosengart says that Spears father has failed to appear for his deposition three times and now objects to being deposed in Los Angeles because he resides in Kentwood La which is the pop stars hometown Mr Spears can run but he cannot hide from his deposition forever Rosengart writes in the filing adding that he will depose his clients father in any city or state including Kentwood.

It has been an honor to represent and seek to protect Britney Spears from further trauma and abuse In that regard we respectfully submit that a decent father a father who truly loved his daughter would place his daughters interests above his own Rosengart states in the docs Such a father would show grace and decency and cease and desist from bullying and harassing his daughter Even if he disagreed with the evidence concerning the trauma and abuse she endured… this is what a loving protective father would do Spears was under a conservator ship for 13 years after being placed under one in 2008 with her father serving as her conservator.

In September 2021 Spears father was suspended from his daughters conservatorship less than two months before the conservatorship was ultimately terminated last November Even with termination contentious court proceedings between the pop star and her father have remained ongoing regarding his legal fees  which he requested be paid by his daughter plus accusations of him eavesdropping in his daughters own bedroom and other alleged improper behavior throughout the conservatorship Rosengart has publicly pledged to fully investigate the conduct of Spears father and the singers former business manager Tri Star Sports & Entertainment which he has accused of stonewalling his attempts to obtain information for his client and quashing subpoenas served by the stars legal team.

But Spears father has continuously denied wrongdoing and has defended his handling of his daughters financial affairs He has stated that his sole motivation has been his unconditional love for his daughter and a fierce desire to protect her from those trying to take advantage of her Recently the singer objected to paying her mothers legal fees which total to more than $660000 Her mother Lynne Spears says she hired lawyers to help her daughter and claims her life began to turn around when she stepped in a few years ago Yet still Spears has kept most of the heat on her fathers conduct and requests This weeks filing from her attorney states that Mr Spears…should cooperate and tell the truth rather than obfuscating and stonewalling Simply put Rosengart writes Spears father should leave his daughter alone and move on.

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