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Britain’s Got Talent stunts gone wrong – stage in flames and near death experiences

Britain’s biggest talent show BGT has been on our screens for 15 years and during that time some of the show’s most dangerous and reckless stunts shook the nation


Britain’s Got Talent and its spin-off shows have seen some daring, dangerous and downright deadly auditions throughout their time on-air, but some haven’t ended quite as planned. Auditionees have even been known to frequently involve the show’s judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and David Walliams in the act. Britain’s Got Talent has been running for 15 years and during that time, many daredevils have walked on stage in hopes of setting the stakes higher than their predecessors.

From knife throwing to almost drowning, paramedic intervention and on-stage fires, check out some of the franchise’s most memorable near misses. Simon Cowell almost hit by a knife David and Simon have been in some hairy situations Strictly judge Shirley Ballas maintains ageless figure with extreme ‘plant diet dailystar
Madonna slips into black corset and sheer top for boozy Hollywood night out dailystar Knife thrower Edward Pinder burst onto the stage in 2018 and required the help of the show’s most famous star for his knife-throwing act.

Pinder called Simon Cowell up to the stage and despite his nerves, the music mogul reluctantly joined in the fun. Edward took the opportunity and began aiming knives in Simon’s direction, but things took a turn on his second attempt. One of his knives hit Cowell, but luckily he saw the funny side as a shocked Amanda shouted You almost killed Simon Cowell!

Contestant almost drowned
Matt freaked out the audience when he signalled for medical attention Escape artist Matt Johnson was on the show in the same year and terrified audiences when he failed to remove himself from his contraption. He wore a solid steel straight jacket, which restricted the use of his arms and hands, and locked his head in a plastic box filled to the brim with water. Unable to breathe, Johnson told producers that if he had not managed to free himself in under one minute and 45 seconds, he would need assistance. Sure enough, Matt put on a hair raising performance but eventually gestured for intervention from on-site paramedics during an obvious struggle.

He escaped just in time but the judges didn’t send him through to the next round. Presenter Declan Donnelly had to intervene during Greek Cypriot Bamba’s audition after he left a trail of destruction in his wake. He called all four judges onto the stage and they threw plates along to the music whilst Bamba balances a stack of glasses on his head, topped off with a flaming napkin. The glasses fell and smashed on the floor but the fire still raged on, causing Dec to run out from the sidelines and put out the blaze himself. Near-death car smash The stunt was very close to going wrong The stunt was very close to going wrong Jonathan Goodwin was almost killed on stage during an episode of America’s Got Talent Extreme after an escape act went awry.

He was suspended 70 feet in the air, restrained by a straight jacket as two cars swung either side of him. As the escape artist attempted to release himself and cushion his fall on the air mattress below, he became sandwiched between the cars as they smashed into each other. The vehicles burst into flames and Goodwin fell to the ground and hit his head in the process, a fall which resulted in brutal injuries.

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