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Bridgerton Season 2: Can Someone Really Die From A Bee Sting?

Bridgerton season 2 sees an important character die after being stung by a bee but how accurate is the show in its depiction of the fatal accident?

Warning! Spoilers Ahead for Bridgerton season 2!

In Bridgerton season 2 Anthonys father Lord Bridgerton suffers a bee sting and dies moments later leaving many to wonder if the scene sacrificed accuracy for drama. The lush historical romance returned on March 25th for season 2 after Bridgerton season 1 broke Netflix records in 2020 with 82 million viewers becoming the streamers most-watched show until Squid Game. Likewise Bridgerton season 2 has seen massive success racking up 251 million viewing hours its opening week.

Following season 1 which saw Daphne Bridgerton snag her match in the non-commital Simon Bridgerton season 2 follows the moody and brooding eldest Bridgerton Anthony Jonathan Bailey as he dutifully seeks a wife. However while his sister was intent on marrying for love Anthony seeks the opposite looking for a wife to fill a role but keeping his heart guarded after seeing the devastation his fathers death had on his mother. Brokenhearted by his fathers death and thrust into the role of Lord Bridgerton at an early age Anthony shields himself with the duties attributed to his leadership hiding behind his title as Lord of the Bridgertons until the willful and vexing Kate Sharma Simone Ashley arrives on the scene.

In possibly the single most important scene in Bridgerton season 2 Anthonys past is revealed when his father gets stung by a bee and dies moments later. The event creates Anthonys fear of love and later reveals his fear of losing Kate however the scene may seem overly dramatic to modern-day viewers as death by bee sting is rare and commonly preventable in modern times. This was not the case in the early 1800s and when coupled with Lord Bridgertons extreme allergic reaction the scene in Bridgerton season 2 is remarkably accurate.

After being stung by the bee in Bridgerton season 2 Anthonys father Lord Bridgerton has only moments before he appears to struggle to breathe collapses and dies. This type of extreme reaction is due to anaphylaxis or an extreme allergic reaction following a persons exposure to an allergen. In response to the scene in Bridgerton season 2 Northeaster University assistant clinical professor Robert M. Baginski says That sounds really fast but it can happen that quickly in some people. Usually anaphylaxis comes on between 20 minutes and up to two hours after the exposure to an antigen.

While Lord Bridgertons death by bee sting in Bridgerton may seem dramatic the scene is completely plausible—albeit slightly exaggerated for television perhaps. Death by allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock is less common today but still accounts for approximately 1500 U.S. deaths annually less than 1%. Between the years 2000 and 2017 1109 deaths were reported from hornet wasp and bee stings resulting in an average of 62 deaths per year via Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These numbers however are a reflection of the invention of the epinephrine auto-injector or EpiPen in the 1970s which became instrumental in the prevention of a large number of anaphylactic deaths and may have saved Bridgertons Lord Bridgerton had it been around during the Regency Era possibly resulting in a far different Anthony Bridgerton. Lindsay began as a singer-songwriter in Los Angeles at the age of seventeen. She is the author of two novels. She lives in Los Angeles and is most often found running or hiking with her German Shepherd working on her books or eating Indian food.

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