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Breaking Bad vs Better Call Saul: Which is Better?

As Better Call Saul approaches the end of its run, can it surpass Breaking Bad in terms of quality writing and storytelling?

Not since The Sopranos or The Shield has a crime show blown the doors off of network TV like Breaking Bad did. The twisted tale of a high school teacher and his former student becoming meth dealers Breaking Bad gave new meaning to the term appointment television with its breakneck pacing and wild plot twists. Now with Better Call Saul approaching the end of its run the question becomes: what will its legacy be Anyone who has been keeping up with Jimmy McGill s morally compromising journey to becoming Saul Goodman will no doubt know that Better Call Saul is a worthy follow-up to Breaking Bad but will it ever wrestle the title belt from its predecessor and become a true legend Well some would say it already has.

Though the debate of which show is better has been raging since Better Call Saul s excellent 4th and 5th seasons the actual answer is pretty complex and harder to parse out. Ultimately it comes down to what you liked about Breaking Bad and how rewarding you even find a prequel sequel show to be for it in the first place.

Breaking Bad Coming from much more humble beginnings than Breaking Bad s adrenaline-fuelled premiere and scorching first season Better Call Saul starts off as a BB adjacent legal thriller. The first season mainly lays the groundwork for Jimmy character and introduces Mike Ehrmantraut establishing their relationship along the way. The rest of the main cast, including street criminal Nacho Jimmy brother Charles higher-up Howard Hamlin, and close friend/love interest Kim Wexler are also established along the way.

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