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Boruto Can Breathe New Life Into Naruto’s Best Couple

The villain Eidas powers possess the capability of potentially putting a renewed focus on Narutos relationship with Hinata which Boruto has failed to capitalize on or explore as effectively as the original manga did.As revealed in previous chapters Borutos deceptively deep villain Eida causes anyone who lays eyes on her to either fall in love or experience heightened symptoms that are associated with the emotion but without the actual infatuation like impaired judgement. This has the potential of causing victims who are married or in a committed relationship to experience remorse or guilt. And although this hasnt happened yet recent events in Boruto introduce the possibility.

In chapter 69 of Boruto Narutos smartest ninja Shikamaru falls victim to Eidas powers after she infiltrates Konoha. However rather than getting smitten he experiences a high fever thats so intense that hes unable to harm her. Since hes married to Temari it would have been quite awkward if he actually became infatuated with the villain. But this realization also creates the impression that if Shikamaru had fallen in love he would have likely felt terrible for experiencing such an emotion even though it was forced upon him and didnt occur naturally. Luckily this doesnt actually transpire not just because it means Shikamaru has less to worry about but due to the fact that it would be much more effective and exciting if the first character to experience this is Naruto.

Arguably some of the best moments in Naruto involved the eponymous ninjas adorable interactions with Hinata. Hinatas obvious infatuation with Naruto made readers hope that her love would be reciprocated a feeling that only increased among fans because of how flustered and embarrassed she would get around him. Further embellishing reader anticipation was Narutos utter cluelessness to the situation frustrating readers to no end. But this actually ended up being the best possible gift for readers because it eventually culminated in the most satisfying conclusion fans could have ever dreamed of when Naruto finally admits his true feelings for her. But with their love finally realized there was apparently nothing left to tell for in Boruto their relationship has been portrayed as just another marriage that further perpetuates the stereotype of the hardworking man and the dedicated housewife. The magic is gone. Although realistic and helps Boruto focus on the next generation of shinobi its been a hard pill for fans to swallow and feels especially anticlimactic after all of the cuteness that inundates Naruto.

But Borutos latest chapter renews feelings of hope within this disappointed fanbase. If or when Naruto eventually crosses paths with Eida he could undoubtedly become smitten by the former Kara member which promises the prospect of the Hokage falling into a pit of interminable grief. While this could lead to touching scenes where Naruto feels compelled to later reconcile with Hinata it would be wild if during his possible confrontation with Eida his memories of Hinata help him achieve the impossible by overcoming her charm. Its unlikely to happen in Boruto but it would definitely be a welcome development for fans who have been mourning the loss of the magic between Naruto and Hinata.

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