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Bojack Horseman Angela Diaz Secretly Causes Bojacks Power Abuses

Bojack Horsemans power differential in his relationships may be caused by Angela Diaz the producer who fired Herb Kazzaz from Horsing Around.

Even in its final season Bojack Horseman left its audience with groundbreaking revelations about its titular character Bojack whose patterns of power abuse may have been caused by Angela Diaz the producer who fired Herb Kazzaz. In Bojack Horsemans sixseason run Bojack has made several mistakes that sullied his reputation however the show constantly analyzes these decisions and digs deep at its roots. From his alcoholism to his selfloathing Bojacks character and personality itself is slowly peeled away to reveal the sources including parental abuse and finding early success.

The ending of Bojack Horsemans world of talking animals is one long downward spiral as Bojack himself keeps getting worse throughout the second half. Its set off by the fateful second interview with Biscuits that highlighted Bojacks habitual abuse of power. It was an accusation that divided many fans along the lines of whether Bojack really exercised his power over women or not. The answer to that is relatively complicated due to the fact that the show does make the audience want to empathize with its protagonist hence a lot of Bojacks abuse of power is a result of ineptitude rather than malicious intent.

The three major examples brought up by Biscuits Braxby are Sarah Lynn Princess Carolyn and Marcy Jerominek the girl he raised on television whose death was caused by Bojack the girl who was his agent and the girl that saw him as a role model. Its seen that Bojack never actively grooms someone else however theres a clear power imbalance in each of these cases. There are countless other examples like Ana Spanikopita Penny Carson and Wanda Pierce that show a similar pattern and establish that whether subconsciously or actively Bojack does exercise his power quite often. The only question is why.

The answer may be in the episodes after Bojacks interview with Biscuits when he goes to meet Angela Diaz the producer who convinced him to stay on the show after Herb got fired. Angela reveals that she manipulated Bojack into believing that he had no power over Herbs firing when the reality was that she was actually scared of Bojack leaving the show. The scene occurs shortly before his neardeath experience in his pool however the audience gets to see his immediate reaction to the news as he retaliates and says Every stupid decision I ever made… Every bad thing that has ever happened it all started because of you. The reality of the situation dawns upon him he was never powerless and that if he had even made an attempt to leave Horsing Around Herb wouldnt have gotten fired.

Bojack spent his entire life believing that his biggest regret the betrayal of his closest friend was caused due to his own lack of power. This might be the simple key to Bojacks power differential which may be a bid to ensure that hes never powerless. It also extends to other decisions throughout all the way back to season 1 when Bojack sabotaged Todds space opera to force him to continue to be dependent on him to season 6 where Bojacks toxic nature caused Hollyhock to avoid Bojack throughout the season. This fear of losing power paired with Bojacks immediate rise to fame and success after the Herb incident might have been the cause of the pattern that Biscuits hints at in season 6 of the show.

Ultimately the story of Bojack Horseman is one of reckoning and learning to be better in spite of the mistakes that every single one of its characters makes. Season 6 went a long way in showing its audience that Bojack has the potential to live a good life but also that he cant simply choose to move past his mistakes he must learn to do better every single day. If Bojack Horseman gets picked up for a season 7 there would be no better payo ff than for the audience to see whether Bojack has truly grown past his abusive patterns.


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