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Birds on Your Tube Sapphic Smooching Is Back on Charmed

Welcome to Birds on Your Tube a column that used to be called Boobs on Your Tube before Carol took over. We welcome our new overlord. This week Autostraddle March Madness plowed full-steam ahead as you shaved the field down to 32! Drew recapped Drag Race. Kayla recapped Killing Eve. Natalie recapped Good Trouble. Heather wrote an essay about Killing Eves final season and how the only person Eve was ever fooling was herself. Heather also ranked foods she ate because of fictional characters.

Queer Academy Awards scholar Riese Bernard ran down the very true history of the Oscars. Plus she and Drew had some thoughts about this years nominees. Want a summary of just the queer stuff that happened Dont worry we got you! Notes from the TV Team + Carina and Maya keep talking to each other about their potential sperm donor in the first five or last five minutes of every single Station 19 this week it was the first five without actually doing anything about it. Its maddening!! The entire get pregnant plot was so unnecessary for this couple but also its completely stagnated them from doing literally anything else! I hate it. Also this week Maya brought up that their potential sperm donor Jack is her ex-boyfriend a fact from the early seasons that I forgot but I hate that too. If you are really into this plot Im sorry. I promise I am really trying to find joy in it. — Carmen

+ Admittedly when the Fresh Prince reboot Bel-Air was announced I was definitely in the who asked for this! camp. But now after watching the shows first season — which concluded its run this week — I can admit that I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. That said I want better for Ashley. Its great that they made the character queer but shes barely a presence in season and has no identity outside of her sexuality. Stop making her so one-dimensional… these young queers contain multitudes! — Natalie

Charmed 403 Unlucky Charmed

This week Kaela is already making herself at home cooking dinner for the family happy as can be already planning a game night. But she didnt know that she was dancing onto a minefield and within five minutes managed to trigger everyones trauma leaving her alone with her delicious-looking meal and nary a soul to play Scrabble with. But the dinner isnt all lost we learn about an ex-girlfriend Kaela had that she caught collecting her hair. Yikes! Also you know Mel was distracted by her Ruby trauma otherwise she would have given her the queer eyebrows a la Sara Lance.

But Mel cant shake the memory of Ruby and ends up having vivid flashbacks to the day that she proposed to Ruby and Ruby rejected her. After realizing she cant keep running from these feelings she invites Ruby over to get some closure. Ruby tells Mel that she really cared about her and while part of the reason she said no to the proposal was because it came on the heels of Macy dying and Mel giving up her future baby it wasnt the only reason. As it turns out she didnt want to be the wife of a Charmed One. It felt like a one-sided relationship where everything was about Mel and her family and the whole saving-the-world business and Ruby wants to be with someone who really knows her. Its probably not the closure Mel was looking for but its closure nonetheless.

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