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Billie Joe Armstrong Reacts to The Office Season 6’s Green Day Karaoke

Billie Joe Armstrong shares his reaction to rewatching the episode of The Office season 6 that uses a Green Day song. The classic NBC sitcom ran for nine seasons from 2005 through 2013. Because it ran so long the series acts as a guide of sorts to trends at the time. The Office is full of pop culture jokes and musical references often thanks to movie obsessed Michael Scott and former college a cappella group member Andy Bernard.

One such reference comes in season 6 episode 13 Secret Santa which aired on December 10 2009. The episode centers on Dunder Mifflins Christmas party which occurs as the staff learns the company may be sold. However Michael is more focused on the fact that Jim John Krasinski agreed to let Phyllis Phyllis Smith play Santa at the party a role he usually throws his heart and soul into. This conflict leads to the complete destruction of the event but once the group learns their jobs are safe they begin to feel the Christmas spirit once more. This is shown in a scene where Dwight Rainn Wilson takes to the karaoke machine to belt out the 2004 Green Day track Boulevard of Broken Dreams.On a recent episode of the Office Ladies podcast via Mashable hosts Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer discussed The Offices Secret Santa episode. Fischer revealed she is friends with Armstrong who is Green Days lead singer and had him submit an audio clip summarizing the plot of the episode. She later unveiled an additional surprise clip where the musician reacted to hearing the Green Day song at the end of Secret Santa.

While Armstrong almost certainly knew at the time that The Office would be using his song that fact might have been easier to forget than many people think. He most likely was not directly involved in the contract negotiation for the sitcom to license the song. Additionally The Office was just one of many projects in that era using the bands music. The long list includes The Vampire Diaries Waiting for Superman Get Him to the Greek and even The Simpsons Movie which had Green Day play themselves performing the Simpsons theme song.It certainly seems like it was surreal for Armstrong to revisit The Office. It would have been doubly strange to hear his song considering he was in the middle of a binge watch meaning that he had recently seen over 100 episodes of the series that were completely Green Day free. Armstrongs reaction clearly shows how much the music still means to him and how honored he is that shows like The Office use it.

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