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Billie Eilish says she should not be headlining Coachella after becoming youngest ever headliner

Billie also apologised to fans at the end of her 2022 Coachella set saying: Im sorry Im not Beyoncé. Billie Eilish is a record-breaking Grammy and Oscar-winning supremely talented singer-songwriter. Shes a history-making superstar and she made even further history this past weekend when she became the youngest ever headline act to perform at Coachella. The 20-year-old took to the stage alongside her brother Finneas on Saturday night Apr 16 bringing out stars such as Khalid De La Souls Pos and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn who recently praised her talents in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.


But despite her enormous global success and her killer performance on the night Billie confessed to the thousands of fans in her audience that she felt like she shouldnt be headlining at all and apologised at the end of her set for not being Beyoncé. Billie Eilish responds to reporter calling her an emo kind of sad-looking teenager at the Oscars Billie Eilish made history as Coachellas youngest ever headline Billie Eilish made history as Coachellas youngest ever headliner. Picture: Lionel Hahn/Getty Images Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for ABA As heard by fans in the crowd and on the official Coachella livestream Billie told fans I should not be headlining this shit! before continuing: But Im so grateful that Im here and that you guys are all here. This is such a dream come true. I feel crazy.

During the set Billie also told fans that she had three rules for the night including dont be an asshole and just have fun bitch. And while she may have shared her doubts about whether or not she felt like she should have been headlining Coachella or not she also told fans that she wanted everyone to feel loose and good and comfortable in our skin and like free and happy. She added: I want you to just imagine that theres no bad in the world and theres only good. Elsewhere in the set Billie also gave a shout out to Harry Styles who performed on Friday night saying: Harry man if you are watching this you were so famazing last night. I truly have no words to describe how much you inspire me.

At the end of her set around one-hour later Billie thanked the crowd and made a quick reference to Beyoncés legendary career-defining and unforgettable Beychella Homecoming performance which ended up gaining a lot of attention online. Wrapping up her set Billie said: Thank you Coachella! Im sorry Im not Beyoncé. I love you goodnight. Fans were quick to share their thoughts on social media with one user writing: No hate or disrespect to Billie at all but she def didnt need to make that comment. Because youre right youre NOT Beyoncé & nobody will ever be her. But youre Billie Eilish! Youre special in your own right youre super talented nobody is like you so own that.

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