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Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco defends her role in The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant is back and its protagonist Cassie Bowden is just as impulsive as ever.Despite the character becoming sober since last seasons shenanigans and now juggling a flight attendant job with her new found role as a CIA asset critics and audiences have been commenting on her knack for making impulsive mistakes.According to the shows producer Steve Yockey this has been in part because Cassie has been navigating recovery this past season treading a road filled with obstacles and mishaps.Speaking to Digital Spy and other media Kaley Cuoco also defended her characters questionable decisions during this season commenting that despite Cassies mistakes it is her admirable ability to make audiences root for her that should be noted.

Just like season 1 she made horrible choices but you click into wanting her to do the right thing said Cuoco. You dont hate her for it. Shes a lovable character. She has a big heart. Shes had a lot of trauma in her life. And shes really trying to turn over a new leaf. And I think her friends and family do believe that or most of them.The actress also went on to add that her character is still trying and failing in some ways to cope with the events of last season leading her to put on a façade for everybody.Shes trying to prove to everyone that shes better she said. But she is yet to prove that to herself which is why we have the Mind Palace this season and all these different versions of Cassie that she has to face because she has not faced herself.It is Cuocos hope that audiences continue to be on Cassies side and cheer for her and want her to do well despite her wrongdoings because the shows underlying theme is self acceptance and forgiveness forgiving yourself.

She added I think that Cassies so busy trying to impress the world around her her friends her family she is yet to truly look at herself and accept the person that she is. Shes multiple people. We all have different parts of our lives and different personalities and parts of ourselves that we hate and parts of ourselves that we love. I think thats whats so cool about this season.Cuoco also admitted that she and her character are on a similar journey of sorts being OK with mistakes that we all make every single day and knowing that its part of life.You see this ride that she goes on at the end and finally being OK with who she is. And thats all we can do in general as people. Im working on that myself.

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