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Better Call Saul Season 6: Why Nacho is A Perfect Breaking Bad Antihero

Nacho Varga Michael Mando is one of Better Call Sauls most consummate survivors. And thats why he had to die.
Thats right. As those who watched Better Call Saul season 6 episode 3 Rock and Hard Place or merely those who ignore big yellow spoiler warnings now know Nacho is the first major casualty of the shows final season and inarguably its biggest character death since Chuck McGill at the end of season 3. Framed by Gus Fring for the attempt on Lalo Salamancas life Nacho was truly between the rock and hard place of the episodes title. His only options were to accept the relatively merciful death at the hands of Guss people or the decidedly less merciful death that the Salamancas had to provide. Ultimately he chose the same path that a certain chemistry teacher will eventually take in a few years dying from a bullet he himself fired.
Reading this in the wake of Nachos death it may seem ironic or cruel to call him a consummate survivor

But thats what he was in all sincerity. Through six seasons of Better Call Saul Nacho was consistently crafty resourceful intelligent discerning and even athletic. Seemingly every new season provided a new opportunity for the show to execute Nacho one of the few main characters it actually could kill since so many other characters fates were wrapped up in Breaking Bad and yet every season he somehow got through until now. Look at what Nacho does to survive just within the first few episodes of season 6 alone. He runs through the harsh Mexican desert for hours on end with no chance of rest. Then hes guided to a seedy nonair conditioned motel in the middle of nowhere by Guss people. Gus has every intention of this motel functioning as Nachos tomb but Nacho uses his intellect to sniff out the treachery and takes out a wouldbe assassin.

Then as the Salamanca twins and all of their soldiers arrive Nacho hot wires a truck and drives it through a hail of bullets to relative safety once again. If all that werent enough however the Salamancas catch up to Nachos damaged ride in the beginning of Rock and Hard Place. Thinking absurdly quickly Nacho opts to hide not run. He crawls into an abandoned oil tanker in the field off the dirt road and even submerges himself under the inky black sludge when one of the twins comes looking.Nachos desire to survive is remarkable and his selfpreservatory skills are nearly unmatched. Like Walter White Mike Ehrmantraut and even Gus Fring before him Nacho has every physical and mental tool in place to get out of lifethreatening situations. And like Walter White Mike Ehrmantraut and Gus Fring before him Nacho also now just happens to be dead.

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