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Beef Cast & Characters Guide

Netflix’s new show Beef’s cast is led by Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, who play the main characters in the chaotic dramedy. Created by Lee Sung Jin, the 2023 Netflix original series is produced by A24, the hit indie studio known for its original and excellent programming. While most of A24’s success has come with Oscar-winning movies like Everything Everywhere All At Once and Moonlight, it is also behind award-winning shows like Euphoria and Ramy. The studio has now partnered with Netflix to make a revenge comedic drama that puts Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, who both have histories with A24, in the spotlight.

The story of Beef revolves around two individuals played by Steven Yeun and Ali Wong as they become engaged in a twisted feud that begins from a road rage incident. The Netflix A24 show constantly ups the ante as the main Beef characters find new ways to try and torment the other instead of attempting to resolve their problems in a different fashion. The result is a story that continues to bring more personalities into the mix as they get caught in the crosshair of Daniel and Amy’s fight. Thankfully, this means an ever-evolving Beef cast and characters that help propel the story forward.

Steven Yeun as Daniel Cho
Beef Netflix Show Steven Yeun Daniel Cho
Steven Yeun leads Beef’s cast as Daniel Cho. He is an entrepreneur with his own construction/renovation company and is on a mission to accumulate enough money to bring his parents back to the United States. Despite the positive and collected attitude Daniel usually attempts to convey, the reality is that he has plenty of pent-up anger and is depressed. Steven Yeun is best known for playing Glenn in The Walking Dead, but he has also recently had movie roles in Nope, Minari, Burning, and Okja, as well as voicing Mark Grayson in Invincible.

Ali Wong as Amy Lau
Beef Netflix Show Ali Wong Amy
The other lead of the Beef cast is Ali Wong as Amy Lau. She is a successful businesswoman who has spent the last two years trying to close a deal to sell her company to a larger conglomerate. Her frustrations with the deal lead to the encounter with Daniel. Ali Wong is best known for her comedic work which includes various stand-up specials. She has also starred in the sitcom American Housewife and Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe, while she’s also made appearances in Birds of Prey and Big Mouth.

Joseph Lee as George Nakai
Beef Netflix Show George and Amy
Joseph Lee plays another main Beef character with George Nakai. He is an artist and Amy’s husband who has put his career on the back burner in recent years to take care of their daughter, but the separation that has grown between them creates various problems. Joseph Lee has most recently played Lt. Mura in Star Trek: Picard and played a central role in Searching.

Young Mazino as Paul Cho
Beef Netflix Show Paul
Paul Cho is played by Young Mazino as part of Beef’s cast. He is Daniel’s younger brother and thinks that he will become a millionaire, even though he spends most of his time playing video games and not working. Beef is the biggest role yet for Young Mazino in his career, as his other work includes single-episode appearances in Prodigal Son and Blue Bloods.


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