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Baywatch – Die Rettungsschwimmer von Malibu: Urlaub in der Hölle (2)

Die verwundete Stephanie und Mitch sind über Bord gegangen und versuchen in den haiverseuchten Gewässern des Pazifiks zu überleben. Am Morgen finden sie eine unbewohnte Insel wo sie sich ausruhen wollen bis sie gerettet werden doch Stephanies Zustand verschlechtert sich dramatisch. An Bord des Kreuzfahrtschiffes erzählt C.J. Matt dass sie spielsüchtig ist und Guido muss sich vor der liebeshungrigen Witwe verstecken.
Kelly Slater How much does the Make or Break star make surfing Money has poured in from championship wins since the beginning of his career besides sponsorship deals and other ventures

Make or Break will feature several worldclass surfers including Kelly Slater Apple TV Make or Break is an absolutely inspiring piece of documentary that will leave you dreaming big. It shows you what goes on behind the scenes as the worlds best surfers battle for the title at the World Surf League WSL Championship Tour. Watch it to get an insight into the sacrifices made goals accomplished and heights reached by these incredible athletes.The series follows the 2021 World Surf League Men and Womens Championship Tour with the first episode following a competition at the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii. Some of the best and highestranked surfers will be featured in the documentary including Kelly Slater.
Slater has had his fair share of success in music and acting as well. He played the recurring character Jimmy Slade on twentyseven episodes of Baywatch in the early 1990s. He also plays guitar and ukulele and has performed with Jack Johnson and Angus Stone. Besides he is also an advocate of a sustainable and clean lifestyle and a fundraiser and spokesperson for suicide prevention awareness.

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