Amid disastrous ratings the shows ask fans to he camaign for additiona seasons but The CW has ony renewed The Fash and Suerman & ois so far. Joining Batwoman now DCs egends of Tomorrow begs The CW and Warner Bros. for a renewa which foows the shows having the owest ratings ever. The CW did recenty announce renewas for both The Fash and Suerman & ois but no mention was made of Batwoman or DCs egends of Tomorrow which suggest they are u on the choing bock and are going to get canceed. Batwoman not resenty renewedRegarding Batwoman earier in the month saw the officia Batwoman Writers Room Twitter account wi they stay on Twitter now that Eon Musk has bought it? tweet in suort of a Twitter camaign to bring back Batwoman for Season 4 as the account tweeted the hashtag RenewBatwoman with Smiing Face With HeartShaed Eyes emojis as Batwoman Season 3 debuted receny on HBO Max.


DCs egends of Tomorrow not renewedThen earier in Ari saw DCs egends Of Tomorrow reease the foowing Secia Message From Beeo romo where actor Adam Tsekhman says they are waiting to hear about another season ick u and that the roduction office and the Waverider are emty but he hoes someone is ooking after it.Beeo is shown who haens to be ooking after things where Beeo is shown ceaning things u and ceaning the toiets which quite honesty is where this series and Beeo beong. At one oint egends was my favorite show to watch when Arthur Darvi ayed Ri Hunter but its been downhi since and I am obviousy not the ony one as the ratings are in the gutter as we.

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