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Batman’s Newest Villain Has a Major Tie to a Justice League Member

Over the past few years the pages of DC Comics have introduced some noteworthy new characters. Whether they be heroes or villains these protagonists have weaved their way into existing lore in some unexpected ways and it looks like that will come into play with the upcoming Shadow War Zone #1. A recently released preview for the one shot sheds light on one of the new characters Angel Breaker and the surprising tie that she will have to a member of the Justice League. The story which will be written by Joshua Williamson Batman Deathstroke Inc. with art by Otto Schmidt Green Arrow will reveal that Angel Maker used to be a former protege of Black Canarys.In the story Black Canary is on the hunt for Deathstroke following the death of Ras al Ghul to bring him to justice before Talia al Ghuls assassins get him first. Unfortunately one of those assassins is her best and former student Angel Breaker! Who is this deadly killer and whats her history with Black Canary? According to the solicitation this story will have major ramifications for Black Canary in Shadow War Omega which will be released in May.

Were introducing a new character in Shadow War Alpha Angel Breaker Williamson explained in a recent interview with CBR. She plays a major role in Shadow War and has a run in with Black Canary. One of the short stories in Shadow War Zone #1 is Black Canary versus Angel Breaker because Oracles tell Canary that if [Talia is] killing anyone thats worked with Deathstroke shes on the list. Thats what brings Black Canary into it but she also kind of feels responsible for it. Once she figured out what was going on it all happens so fast. Deathstroke Inc. 3 6 is all literally one night of their life. The moment she could tell the Justice League what was going on she did but theres part of her that thinks she shouldve thrown Deathstroke off that cliff. Shes going to have her own guilt and thats going to get pulled into Shadow War and the Dark Crisis stuff that were planning.

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