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Baki King of Souls Will Come Out in March 2022

Players in Japan will soon be able to test their skills in combat with Baki King of Souls. While the exact date is unknown the game will appear on mobile devices some time in March 2022. Pre registrations is still open. Thanks ryokutya2089! The first announcement for Baki King of Souls appeared in January 2022. Little information appeared then. A trailer also came out in February 2022 though with little actual gameplay information. According to ryokutya2089 the game may be a team-based one. However it is unknown as to whether you are teaming up with other players or if you are controlling multiple characters like how you would in Marvel vs Capcom.

So far 90000 people have pre-registered for the game. This means that when the game actually launches players will get 2500 gems to put toward their pulls. If 120000 players pre-register the developers will give away 4000 gems. Lastly at 150000 people players will receive a gacha ticket that will guarantee an SSR character. Baki King of Souls is based on the manga and anime series Baki the Grappler. It follows the story of Baki Hanma who wants to test his skills against opponents in deadly no-rules hand-to-hand combat. The original anime series came out in 2001 with Baki and Baki Hanma available for streaming on Netflix. Baki King of Souls will come out on mobile devices in Japan in March 2022. There is no news regarding an English localization of the game.

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