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Bachelorette: Michelle Young Reveals Her ‘Favorite Thing’ About Nayte

In a Q&A on Instagram former lead of The Bachelorette Michelle Young is revealing her favorite part about being in a relationship with her fiancé Nayte Olukoya. Michelle was first introduced in Matt James season of The Bachelor as a part of a group of women who were introduced three weeks into the season. Despite this she managed to stand out and in a season riddled with drama and cattiness Michelle was as big a hit with fans as she was with Matt. The late entrance contestant was a beautiful former division 1 basketball player turned school teacher who loved her job and educating others. Though she didnt win the season fans were so entranced she became a shoo in for and would later be announced as Bachelorette.

Most viewers felt that Michelle excelled as the Bachelorette. She didnt stand for any nonsense and sent home the men that showed red flags. The men she did keep were wonderful and empathetic. She even made Bachelor history for having her top four men all be POCs for the first time ever. It was there that she met her now fiancé Nayte and the chemistry was palpable. Though the other men were amazing there really was no competition when it came to who had the stronger connection. In the end Nayte proposed and Michelle gleefully accepted. Since the show the couple has been doing long distance and eventually Nayte plans to move to Michelles home state of Minnesota.This week Michelle took to Instagram to conduct a Q and A with her fans. When asked what her favorite thing about her relationship with Nayte was Michelle replied My favorite thing is having found someone who is just as extroverted outgoing and willing to have fun like I do. Fans were surprised when Michelle initially chose Nayte seeing as he was so outgoing. On the show Bachelor Nation had perceived Michelle to be an introverted person but this couldnt be further from the truth. Nayte and Michelle together actually make a lot of sense. Since getting engaged the pair have posted countless videos of them on adventures or at parties clearly displaying how extroverted she is.

Another fan asked what the hardest part of being in a long distance relationship is to which Michelle responded Long distance is really hard! I would say what I struggle with the most is not being able to have a hug on the hard days. She jokingly added Even if Naytes are a little tight coupled with a video of Nayte nearly choking Michelle in a hug. When asked what Michelles first thought was seeing Nayte outside of the show she replied I believe my exact words were wait thats mine? Clearly talking about her fiancés gorgeous physical appearance.Its obvious Nayte and Michelle are madly in love. And though The Bachelorettes success rate isnt 100 persent it seemed to have worked for them. A big part of why the show turned out so great for them is that Michelle went into it knowing exactly what she wanted. By the time she met Nayte she already had figured out the things she didnt want in someone. So rather than waste her time on people who werent going to work out former Bachelorette Michelle spent the right amount of time on the one person who wouldNayte.

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