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Bachelor: Mike Johnson & Bryan Abasolo Slammed For ‘Last Name’ Opinion

Prominent figures in The Bachelor franchise Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo got into hot water with fans recently for their controversial opinions on whether or not women should take their husbands last names when they get married. Fans of The Bachelorette will recognize Bryan as former lead Rachel Lindsays final rose recipient and husband. Though he didnt make much of a splash with viewers during Rachels season Bryan has been able to display more of his personality after the show on social media and his podcast Talking It Out.Bryans co host on Talking It Out is Bachelor Nation fan favorite Mike Johnson. Unlike Bryan viewers instantly took a shine to Mike on Hannah Browns season of The Bachelorette. Though Mike didnt build a strong connection with Hannah and never got to hometowns he still made a big impression on the audience. Mikes appearance on Bachelor in Paradise was also not fruitful but fans still loved seeing him in the franchise again and there was even a strong push from viewers to have Mike cast as the next Bachelor.

The two Bachelor Nation stars struck up a friendship and now host a popular podcast but on a recent episode of Talking It Out their views on women giving up their maiden names struck many listeners as antiquated at best. Bryan had the strongest opinion on the matter and said as the man…I expect the woman to take my last name and chalked his views on the topic up to his Latin heritage. Though Bryan said he was ok with his wife Rachel hyphenating her last name he asserted that it would insult him if she did not agree to take his name at all. Mike was a little more flexible and agreed that he would be fine with the hyphenated name but when Bryan asked his Bachelor Nation podcast co host if he was willing to take his future wifes last name Mike quickly replied nah that aint happening.While the two men argued that there was no valid reason for a woman to insist on keeping her own last name after marriage they didnt see the irony as they listed off reasons why it was so important to them that they perpetuate their own family name. Many commenters in a Reddit thread posted by u/Soo_ee_sauce about the episode picked up on the hypocrisy of Bryan and Mike being adamant about passing on their name but balking at the thought of taking their partners name. u/Motherofsegulls said I hate that the marriage industrial complex makes such a big thing out of literally shedding your identity. Hundreds of fans spoke out about the antiquated social tradition and were disappointed in former Bachelor Nation fan favorites Mike and Bryan.

A lot of commenters were surprised to hear Bryans hot take because his wife Rachel is considered to be so progressive. In the thread fans pointed out many reasons why a woman wouldnt want to take her husbands last name including the bureaucratic hassle of legally changing last names being professionally associated with their maiden name and wanting to maintain their own identity. Whether a woman or man decides to take their partners name is a personal decision and there are many women and some men who are thrilled to do so. But its equally understandable why someone would want to stick with their own name and Bryan and Mikes inability to see that demonstrates a very narrow point of view.Though both men competed on seasons of The Bachelorette that featured strong leads Mike and Bryans ideas on marriage and last names are seen by viewers as regressive and misguided. One would think that the two would have been enlightened by their current and past partners from The Bachelor franchise but that clearly isnt the case and fans are disappointed.

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