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Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay Burns Bright With Fire Nation Katara

Avatar The Last Airbender has become one of the most beloved animated series of all time with the story of Aang and Korra resonating amongst fans over the course of the bending franchise. With both television series having come to a close years ago the franchise is looking to make a comeback with new projects from Avatar Studios as well as Netflixs upcoming liveaction adaptation. Now one cosplayer has taken us back to the days of the original series by recreating Kataras undercover nation while infiltrating the Fire Nation.
The final season of Avatar The Last Airbender saw Katara at her strongest throughout the series but that strength came with a heavy price. One of the elements that the water bender never realized she had the ability to do was bend the blood within the bodies of targets creating an ethical quandary for Katara when it came to whether she was willing to take over the physical bodies of her opponents in order to win a fight.

Luckily Katara was able to resist the temptation to dive fully into blood bending in the battle against the Fire Lord Ozai and his daughter Azula helping free the world from the potential rule of the Fire Nation.
Instagram Cosplayer Cosplay Choco shared this brand new take on one of Kataras fits with the water bender easily being one of the strongest members of Aangs group within Avatar The Last Airbender and managing to make a return appearance as an elderly woman within the sequel series of The Legend of Korra Aang and Katara for those who might not have known their history following the events of Avatar The Last Airbender had three children in Bumi Kya and Tenzin. Bumi was obviously named after the Earth bender that had a major role in Aangs life but unfortunately didnt have the ability to bend any of the elements. Tenzin was perhaps the most wellknown considering his role as mentor to Korra sporting the ability to bend the air like his father. Finally Kya held the power to bend the water much like Katara could throughout her life.

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