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Attack on Titan Is So Good Because It’s A Zombie Show (Without The Zombies)

Attack on Titan is one of the most revered animes of recent times largely in part due to the way it presents itself as a zombie show only without actual zombies. Attack on Titan began in 2013 and tells the story of humanitys struggle against the Titans. The show is expected to end with the third part of its fourth and final season in 2023.Attack on Titan follows Eren Jaeger a young scout recruit who vows revenge against the Titans. Titans are humanoid creatures that range from 2 meters to 15 meters tall. Despite having similarities to humans the Titans are grotesquely different in a few ways. A lot of the Titans have exaggerated features from giant heads to misshapen facial features as well as being naked with no visible reproductive organs. The appearance of the Titans and their different versions already makes them extremely unsettling but its the way the show portrays their actions through conventional zombie tropes that truly elevates Attack on Titan to another level.

Many conventional zombie movies and shows include mindless rabid creatures that have no goal or objective other than to eat humans. This is exactly how the Titans are shown in Attack on Titan. It is established early in the show that Titans have never shown any higher intelligence and that they simply eat humans like a predator eats prey. However similar to zombies it is revealed that Titans do not need people for sustenance leaving the question of why Titans eat humans up for debate hinting that they terrorize humanity for no real reason. Another similar characteristic Titans and zombies share is the way they move. Some can move slowly others can run at high speeds while some can crawl at differing paces as is often the case with many zombies across multiple shows/movies. However the Titans sharing these characteristics but being revealed to not be simply mindless zombies makes the show all the better. It is revealed in Attack on Titan that the Titans used to be humans before being turned into mindless creatures. This elevates Attack on Titan above simpler zombie shows by revealing there is still a living person deep down that through specific Attack on Titan rules can shift back. This makes the Titans almost sympathetic by showing multiple times that they can sometimes be aware of what happened to them.

An episode in Attack on Titan season 2 reveals one characters mother has been turned into a Titan. Connie Springer another scout recruit and friend of Eren goes back home to find his family. Upon doing so he finds a blond deformed Titan bearing a striking resemblance to his mother. The Titan seemingly speaks to Connie welcoming him back home and revealing itself to be his mother. This only adds to the horror element of the Titans seemingly confirming that they have been aware of their actions all along unable to control their Titan urges.While it would be simple to place the Attack on Titan creatures in the same category as zombies this added element only goes to elevate them above previous mindless creatures of film and TV. The fact that Titans act like zombies in nearly every way with their former human self being somewhat conscious of their actions beneath the surface only makes them one of the more horrifying scary monstrous creations of recent media. This elevates not only the antagonistic and monster elements of the show but Attack on Titan as a whole solidifying it as one of the best shows in modern anime.

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