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Attack on Titan Debuts Its Most Colorful Poster Yet

The second part of Attack on Titans final season recently came to a close with next year 2023 seeing the conclusion of the war between the island of Paradis and the nation of Marley coming to a head in ways that many didnt expect. As Eren Jaeger marches forward in his new Founding Titan form with an army of Colossal Titans leading the charge MAPPA is continuing to reveal new artwork before the dark anime series comes to an end with this particular poster being the most colorful to date that imagines the scouts in a very different way.

In the season finale the Scout Regiment managed to accomplish their goal of acquiring an airboat to meet Eren face to face as the current Founding Titan moves closer to his goal of eradicating all life that exists outside of the borders of Paradis. With Armin Mikasa and several other key players in the Scouts now joining forces with some notable members of the nation of Marley including Annie Reiner and Pieck to name a few its a race against time as the new Survey Corps attempts to figure out how exactly theyll ultimately be able to stop Eren. Needless to say if Armin and company are forced to take arms up against Jaeger its a fight they might not be able to win.

Twitter Outlet Attack on Titan Wiki shared the new colorful poster for Attack on Titan with Studio MAPPA envisioning the key members of Hajime Isayamas franchise in a very different way as the Scouts have apparently decided to pick up some paintbrushes to throw around a large amount of paintThe final installments of Attack on Titan landing next year will reportedly be four one hour long specials that will wrap the long running series once and for all. Hajime Isayama the creator of the franchise hasnt made any hints toward the idea of the series eventually garnering a season though the directors cut of the final chapter of the manga does leave some hints that the story could continue if he wished to dip his toes back into the dark world he created.


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