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Attack on Titan: 10 Best Fight Scenes, Ranked

The second part of the final season of the famous anime Attack on Titan has just finished airing for the year and the third part will be premiering next year. As fans process the announcement of yet another part of the final season it is a great moment to look back on the series most epic scenes.Attack on Titan contains a cast of strong and battle ready characters that have faced death on more than one occasion. They are ultimately at war. Whether they are faced against humans or titans or a bit of both the fight scenes are guaranteed to be dramatic and full of tension. Spoilers for the anime ahead.

10 Sasha Vs Titan

In an episode focused on Sasha Braus background before she joined the Survey Corps Sasha finds herself returning to her old village. The episode takes place during the second season and further develops Sasha as a character in ways viewers have never seen before.During the episode she discovers an abandoned young girl held hostage by a titan that has infiltrated her home. The episode is a great demonstration of Sashas marksmanship with a bow and arrow as she fearlessly handles the titan on her own and is able to save the girl.

9 Survey Corps Vs New Titans

The most recent part of the final season provided some nostalgia for fans as the Survey Corps are tasked with eliminating pure titans once again. This is following the events of the Military Polices wine being laced with Zeke Jaegers spinal fluid which has led them to be transformed into titans after ingestion.The main characters within the Survey Corps take charge and viewers are able to see just how much they have grown over the years. Jean Kirstein leads his comrades and friends into battle again as they expertly wipe out the titans using ODM gear in this well animated sequence.

8 Mikasa And Survey Corps Vs Female Titan

After Annie Leonhart reveals herself to the Female Titan the Survey Corps springs into action to fight against her. This battle takes place during a series of episodes taking place in Stohess District.The Female Titan has taken position and Eren transforms into the Attack Titan. However he is unable to defeat her. Mikasa Ackerman using her enhanced fighting capabilities is able to subdue Annie in the end concluding a fight full of tension and betrayal.

7 Survey Corps And Titans Vs Jaegerists

Towards the end of the second part of the fourth and final season the Survey Corps normally betrayed by supposed allies become the betrayers. They must fight against former comrades that have become a part of the Jaegerist cult alongside Reiner and Annie.Annie and Reiner whose voice actor is an anime mainstay redeem themselves as friends to the Survey Corps with the shared goal of stopping the Rumbling. However the Jaegerists stand in their way. The fight that follows is fast paced with incredible maneuvering of ODM gear and titan transforms from Annie Reiner and even Falco as the Jaw Titan.

6 Attack Titan Vs Armored Titan And Marley

Fans regularly anticipate confrontations between Eren and Reiner as their respective titans after the dramatic reveal that Reiner was a warrior sent to destroy Paradis during season two. They fight again during the second part of season four this time with armies by their sides.Eren alongside the Jaegerists and Survey Corps fight against the invading Marleyans. The scene is as epic as it is emotional due to Reiners resignation as an opponent. He wants to stop the fight while also stopping Eren from fulfilling his goals.

5 Levi Erwin And Survey Corps Vs Beast Titan

The Battle of Shiganshina District during season three is a story arc that is regularly referenced as a turning point within the series. It involves all of the main characters of the series as they finally confront their invaders and discover the secrets of Dr. Jaegers basement.The first fight between Levi and the Beast Titan is one for the history books as it takes place directly following the charge led by Commander Erwin Smith. Erwin and just about every other member of the Survey Corps save for a handful sacrifice their lives in this devastating and brave move. Levis attacks on the Beast Titan are an incredible display of his strength and ability as well.

4 Survey Corps Vs Marley

The Survey Corps entrance in season four is dramatic as they finally confront their enemies in Marley. From the beginning of the season fans were left wondering where their beloved characters were as they experience life on Marley.However when the Survey Corps arrives clad in stealth uniforms and ODM gear they pack a punch taking Marley by surprise. The Colossal Titan eliminates the Marleyan Navy and just about every skilled soldier such as Sasha Braus Jean Kirstein and Mikasa Ackerman shows their strength. Levi Ackerman also fights the Beast Titan again.

3 Attack Titan Vs Warhammer And Jaw Titan

In the same sequence of events as the Survey Corps fight against Marley Eren Jaeger voiced by Yuki Kaji transforms into the Attack Titan ready to stake his claim on the Warhammer and Jaw Titans.In a highly dramatic and tense few episodes the Attack Titan declares his own war fighting the Warhammer after multiple transformations. He takes Warhammer using the Jaw Titans jaw as his own weapon against Marley. The scene confirms Eren Jaegers desire for revenge yet again as he doesnt hold back in his attacks.

2 Attack Titan Vs Armored Titan

An incredibly revered and discussed moment in the series is the reveal of Reiner and Bertholdt as the Armored and Colossal Titans in season two. Eren Jaeger the sometimes hero sometimes villain launches his attack on the Armored Titan.Reiner transforming into the Armored puts up a fight against the Attack Titan. The scales tip repeatedly throughout the fight but ultimately Eren is abducted by the Armored. However this doesnt mean the brawl between them was without drama and action as Mikasa and several other members of the Survey Corps place their hats in the ring.

1 Levi Vs Kenny

In perhaps one of the most viewed fights in Attack on Titan Captain Levi Ackerman faces off against a familiar face. Kenny who is actually Kenny Ackerman Levis uncle returns to town in order to bring down his nephew and take Eren and Historia Reiss.The incredible animation makes this one of the best episodes of Attack on Titan. From a visual perspective the ways in which Levi flies through the district using ODM gear in order to avoid Kenny and his crews attacks create a fast paced and smooth sequence. The fight is unexpected but the introduction of Kennys character creates an additional note of apprehension.

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