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As Britain’s Got Talent returns, ITV fans have called on reality TV series shows and networks to audition for Nick Edwards.

The UK pulled out the talent after an audition for the audience claim. Britain’s Got Talent is already embroiled in controversy shortly after its return, with fans calling for the show because many of them believe the Nick Edwards BGT audition was held. The show is a British version of Americans Got Talent and is now in season 15. The competition series has been running every year since 2007, but due to epidemics, the network that broadcasts the ITV show canceled BGT for one year. The reality contest series has produced many stars, including British TV personality Megan McKenna and British magician Richard Jones.

BGT has been accused in the past of being scripted and contradictory. In 2016, British comedian Simon Brodkin disguised himself as Steven Goldblatt, a Jewish rapper. He is a popular joke and his purpose in coming to the show was to see how long he would stay and also to know why most of the movements that go through audition rounds have sobs. Brodkin made a sub story on BGT and his own rap and spoke to media outlets to say that he had been coached and that suggestions had been made to improve his audition. Once his identity was revealed, he was disqualified from the show, and BGT producers spoke to media outlets to disprove the allegations.

The contest series returns to ITV on April 16. According to The Sun reports, fans believe that Nick Edwards’ heartbreaking audition was actually staged. Edwards was supposed to be a regular member of the audience and while sitting he saw his mother and daughters Savannah and Kelly appearing on stage. Edwards’ family surprised him by auditioning because they wanted him to sing a song for his daughters. Judge Simon Cowell was impressed with Amanda Holden, Elisha Dixon and the David Williams family, and the entire audition brought tears to the eyes of many viewers in person and online. But online fans began to report that the amazing auditioner had a make-up before he even came on stage. Reports indicate that fans turned to Twitter to respond to the audition, and some users questioned how AdWords’ guitar was readily available for the audition. He was also curious as to whether the auditor was wondering where his daughters were. Twitter user Mika Blackwell says he honestly finds it humorous. Simon Cowell believes viewers are still unfamiliar with editing stupidity and manipulation after more than a decade.

Honestly, he finds it humorous. Simon Cowell believes that viewers are still unfamiliar with pointless staging and editing for more than a decade. # UK has skills
– Mica Blackwell (@micablackers) April 16, 2022 The BGT producers responded to the audition claims by saying that it would be wrong and inaccurate to report or hint at anything related to the Nix audition. Of course he was. We did this so that we could make it up without a doubt. Although the producers are claiming that the audition was not fake, it should be noted that the auditors are required to submit a video audition in order to appear before the judges which requires the approval of the producers. When submitting a video, actors are asked to create a performer profile where they can answer questions about themselves. Once approved, the process goes through a preliminary audit process that can last for months. Following this process, selected actors are invited to perform in BGT auditions on national TV. So for AdWords Audition, surprisingly, he has to give up all these initial processes.

ITVs Britain’s Got Talent has aired only one episode but it has also received warmth as singer and songwriter Lorraine Allred has received the Golden Elder after performing her song Never Enough which she directed in the 2017 musical film The Greatest Showman. Was sung for Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly continue to host the show, and the series airs weekly on ITV until the semi-finals.

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