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‘Archive 81’ Cast and Character Guide: Who’s Who in the Hit Netflix Thriller Series

Based on the horror podcast of the same name Netflixs Archive 81 is a series that features mysterious fires paranormal cults and a psychic connection across time and space. The series follows Dan Turner Mamoudou Athie a young conservator who is hired to restore a collection of damaged VHS tapes. The tapes were created in the 90s by Melody Pendras Dina Shihabi a student working on her doctoral dissertation about an apartment building called the Visser. A fire destroyed the building and Melodys tapes and now Dan is uncovering what happened to Melody and the other residents of the Visser almost 30 years later. What he discovers is a tightly wound conspiracy that seeks to hide the true nature of the Visser. But exactly who or what is lurking in the shadows of these puzzling tapes?

Rebecca Sonnenshine developed Archive 81 for TV and served as an executive producer on the project. The series is an adaptation of the Archive 81 podcast created by Daniel Powell and Marc Sollinger. The show is told through two timelines that alternate between Melodys investigation of the Visser in 1994 and Dans work to restore her tapes in the present day. By jumping back and forth in time Archive 81 unravels a paranormal mystery that is sure to surprise even the savviest viewers as each new twist is revealed. Heres a rundown of the central characters in Archive 81.

Mamoudou Athie leads the show as Dan Turner a conservator who lost his entire family to a house fire as a child. Dan is hired to restore a collection of destroyed VHS tapes by Virgil Davenport Martin Donovan the owner of a mysterious company called LMG. For the job Dan has to relocate to a remote house in the middle of the woods with no contact with the outside world. As he dives into restoring the tapes and exploring his new home Dan discovers that this seemingly innocent gig might be more sinister than he could have ever imagined. Athie has starred in other Netflix originals including The Get Down and Brie Larsons directorial debut Unicorn Store. He was also featured in the main cast of Hulus Sorry For Your Loss. You can catch Athie in the upcoming conclusion to the Jurassic Park series Jurassic World Dominion in June 2022.

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