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Anime trolls target Bluey to make the beloved Australian children’s show plunge in the ratings

Bluey has become the target of Anime trolls who have set out to review bomb the beloved Australia childrens show The shows executive producer Daley Pearson recently shared a tweet celebrating Blueys popularity Posting a screenshot from the IMDb website Pearson said an episode of the wildly popular program had been ranked by fans on the platform as the No2 show of all time An episode of Breaking Bad held the top spot.

The Bluey episode called Sleepy time was awarded the highest score possible by users a star rating of 10 out of 10 But three days after Pearsons tweet the show plunged to No17 in the ratings with many users giving the episode only one star Meanwhile episodes from Anime series like Attack on Titan and Code Geass surged into the top ranks of the IMDbs most popular episodes Fans speculated that Pearsons Twitter thread caused Bluey to fall victim to trolls Since this tweet went out some people went and messed up the user score wrote one irate fan under Pearsons story.

The controversy has created a storm on social media site Reddit which openly speculated that Anime fans are responsible for reviewing bombing the show Its a badge of honour really said one user Anything starts to get haters once it gets enough elevation They continued The fact that its getting review bombed the silly recent attacking articles all just testament to how good this show is that its hit that level And that its a kids show makes this all more amazing.

Bluey follows the adventures of a loveable inexhaustible sixyearold Blue Heeler dog along with her family and friends The much loved Sleepy time episode won a Kids Emmy in 2019 and involves characters Bingo and Floppy in an intergalactic adventure Launched in 2018 on the ABC Bluey was soon hailed for its refreshing characters particularly Bandit as a capable and astute father as opposed to a bumbling background character common in kids programming.

It also earned rave reviews from critics and parents alike who applauded its good natured storylines and riffs on modern parenting The cartoon has become wildly popular in the US after premiering on the Disney Channel Disney Junior and Disney+ in September 2019 Last year The New York Times described the show as the biggest Australian export since The Wiggles the countrys most famous childrens band.

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