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Anatomy of the Scandal Detroit Burgerton Season 2 on Netflix Top 10 Jennifer Moss

The Limited Series Anatomy of a Scandal has ended the era of Burgerton Season 2s as the No. 1 English language TV series on Netflix, according to which streaming services have released the top 10 rankings. The scandal’s anatomy for the week of April 18 to April 24 was watched for 75.6 million hours in the second week of its availability, while Bergerton added 46 million and topped the list for the first time. Saturday, March 21 At number three was the new limited series Conversations With a Killer The John Wayne Gacy Tapes with 37.5 million hours and the new reality dating series The Ultimatum Mary or Move On at number four with 29 million.

The remaining 10 English language TV series include Sailing Sunset Season 5 (28.4 Million Hours), Burgerton Season 1 (17.3 Million Hours), Hair Stopper Season 1 (14.6 Million Hours) The Creature Cases Season 1 (13.6 Million Hours) First Married Site Season 10 (12.8 million hours) and Obama’s new show Our Great National Parks (11.8 million hours). Leading the way for non-English language TV titles was the first season of The Marked Heart (68 million hours) followed by Elite Season 5 (29.5 million hours).

The English language film Chose or Dye topped the list with 15.3 million hours, followed by The In Between with 13.4 million hours. For non-English language films, The Taming of the Shrewd was viewed 9.3 million hours and Furioza was at No. 2 with 6.2 million hours. Check out Netflix’s Top 10 lists below for April 18th to April 24th, starting with the English language TV series followed by non-English language shows then English language movies and ending with non-English language movies.

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