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Americas Got Talent winner Darci Lynne bringing her singing puppets to Brown County

Aw shucks shyness can be an asset. For instance shy people tend to spend time alone and thats where creativity can fire. In 2018 ventriloquist singer Darci Lynne embarked on her family friendly national tour. In six minutes all tickets were sold. She added more shows. Lynne is one of the youngest people ever to win TVs grandest talent show NBCs Americas Got Talent taking the 2017 title at age 12. She and her puppets are stopping at Brown County Music Center in Nashville on May 6.
Darci Lynne

One reason she auditioned for Americas Got Talent springs from her introversion.

I grew up painfully shy. My parents were actually a little worried about me she said over the phone. They put me in beauty pageants so I could meet other girls and make friends. One of those other girls used ventriloquism in her act Lynne liked it. She taught herself using YouTube videos of Shari Lewis as a guide. Lewis was an American puppeteer ventriloquist and TV show host. She gained fame as the original puppeteer of the sock puppet Lamb Chop first appearing on the Captain Kangaroo childrens show in 1956.
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Today Lynne is 17 and has been touring with her singing puppets for the past five years. Her fuzzy family consists of five plus Lynne herself and theres a piece of me in each puppet. What she loves is that her shows are multi generational with many music genres. Some of her songs are covers some she has written. George Gershwins Summertime 1934 is the song Lynne used for her Americas Got Talent audition. At the pieces finale the notes waft up up up then descend into a sopranos bottom notes. In the YouTube video one judge in particular wrestles with tears. Lynne wrestles too but her ventriloquists lips remain stationary.

It was a shock to win. I never thought people would be as interested in ventriloquism as I am she said. Lynne has grabbed more than 87 million views on Americas Got Talents YouTube and she received the most votes for a final performance in the shows history. Last year she starred in Nickelodeons hit show Unfiltered which was renewed for a second season. She has also appeared in Nickelodeon favorites such as All That The Substitute and Side Hustle. MoreArts column Suzanne Vegas upcoming concert stirs New York memories Social media is her pal more than 864000 people follow her on Instagram and her TikTok profile has more than 2.4 million followers and 42.4 million likes.

She also is in a movie that came out April 22 A Cowgirls Song. The comingofage drama is about an aspiring but unmoored teenaged singer played by Savannah Lee May. Lynne plays her sister. Mays character stays with her grandmother a past country music star. The grandmother is facing misfortune and together they use music to find relief. Cheryl Ladd also stars with original music by Maggie McClure and Shane Henry. But Lynne too wrote a song for the soundtrack. Despite TikTok Americas Got Talent and a movie Lynne remains an introvert. But never while under the lights. There she is total an extrovert.

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