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All The Films & Shows Netflix Has Cancelled This Year

After recently announcing that for the first time in ten years theyd lost subscribers Netflix could potentially lose its reign as the ‘best streaming platform. This is because after the announcement Netflixs share price plummeted. Plus the streaming giant has projected theyll lose another two million subscribers during the current quarter April 2022 to June 2022; a projection thatll most likely prove true as many are thinking of unsubscribing due to the possibility of Netflix globally introducing strict antipasswordsharing measures as well as commercials. In what can be seen as an attempt to save some dollars after a staggering loss Netflix has according to The Wrap fired Phil Rynda – who was essentially head of Original Animation at Netflix – as well as several of his staff members. Not only this Netflix has cancelled some upcoming original films and TV series that were in the middle of production as well as established Netflix Originals with a season or two already on the platform. Read on to see everything Netflix has cancelled this year.

Archive 81 centred around Dan Turner an archivist who was hired to restore damaged videotapes from 1994. As he works Turner discovers the tapes are that of a filmmaker and document her investigation into a dangerous cult and ultimately Turner becomes fascinated… Archive 81 had one season that went to number one on Netflix US upon its release and received favourable reviews and yet Netflix cancelled it in March of this year.The BabySitters ClubBased on the book series of the same name The BabySitters Club had two seasons that featured a modern retelling of the books – a young group of girls who start a babysitting service. The series was cancelled by Netflix in March this year most likely due to low viewership in the US. Bon In 2019 Netflix confirmed it was adapting Jeff Smiths beloved comic series Bone into either an animated film or series. There was no update on the project until this month when Netflix announced it has been cancelled.

Bright 2 Bright the popular Netflix film starring Will Smith as a detective who pairs up with an Orc to find a magic wand was supposed to be getting a sequel. However Bright 2 has now been cancelled. Some reports suggest this is because of Smiths infamous Oscars incident but it could also be a nice quick way for Netflix to save a few bucks. Cooking With Paris Im going to be brutally honest here: Im not surprised that Netflix cancelled Cooking With Paris. The series that followed Paris Hilton ‘cooking only went for one season and while it did appear in Australias Top Ten TV Shows during its debut on Netflix AU viewership plummeted shortly after and reviews were rather negative.
Diablero While Money Heist and Squid Game proved that foreign series can be well received by Western countries unfortunately the Mexican series Diablero couldnt attain the same kind of success that the other two series did. Diablero ran for two seasons and followed an unlikely trio joining forces to battle evil; it was cancelled by Netflix in March.


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