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Alina and the Darkling share a happy moment in Shadow and Bone deleted scene

Shadow and Bone is one of Netflixs big new fantasy shows. Based on the bestselling Grishaverse books by Leigh Bardugo the series went over really well with fans of Bardugos novels and newcomers alike due to its great casting high production values and solid storytelling. Shadow and Bone is unique as adaptations go because it combines two of Bardugos series the Shadow and Bone trilogy and the Six of Crows duology. And its actually pulling it off.Its been just over a year since Shadow and Bone season 1 hit Netflix back in April of last year. To celebrate Netflix released a deleted scene.

Deleted scene from Shadow and Bone revealed

This new scene is short but sweet. It was cut from the seasons fourth episode Otkazatsya which takes place before Alina Starkov Jessie Mei Li figures out that General Kirigan Ben Barnes is the Darkling a devious centuries old mage who had designs on her Sun Summoner powers. So this is when the two are still on good terms and even contemplating a romance.The deleted scene has Alina and Kirigan riding horses through a garden of the Little Palace of Ravka and out into the surrounding countryside. Alina throws her arms wide embracing a level of freedom she never before knew during her time as an orphan and then a conscripted mapmaker of the Ravkan army. And of course the Darkling smiles watching her. We know youre up to no good Ben Barnes.

Watch the chemistry test between Matthias Helvar and Nina Zenik

The deleted scene isnt the only thing Netflix shared to celebrate the Shadow and Bone anniversary. The streamer also released the original chemistry test between Calahan Skogman Matthias Helvar and Danielle Galligan Nina Zenik putting it side by side with the finished scenes from the show. Nina and Matthias have a forbidden romance hes a Fjerdan who hunts Grisha as witches and shes a former Grisha soldier. Naturally their chemistry was an important part of the casting process.When last we saw Matthias and Nina they were just crossing paths with the Crows. As fans of the books will know Matthias and Nina are part of the gang by the time the novel Six of Crows begins so well be seeing a lot more of these two next season.

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