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Alice in Borderland Season 2: Release Date & Confirmation on Netflix!

Alice in Borderland is a Japanese Netflix original series based on Haro Hasos graphic novel of the same name.Fans are asking if Netflix will release the second season of one of its popular original Japanese shows in April 2022 which aired on Netflix on December 10 2020 and was directed by Shinsuke Sato and written by Yasuko Kuramitsu.For those who arent acquainted heres what Alice in Borderland on Netflix is about In a bizarre and empty version of Tokyo Arisu and his buddies a listless jobless and video game obsessed young man are forced to compete in perilous activities in order to survive.Arisu stumbles upon a young woman named Usagi who is struggling to find her way through the bizarre world of video games. Together they set out to solve one mystery after another as they put their lives at risk and confront the meaning of life.

An All star Cast of Alice in Borderland

Season two of Alice in Borderland hasnt been any announcements concerning the cast although all of the characters from season one are likely to return.Of course Ryohei Arisus primary character Ryohei Arisu and his companion Yuzuha Usagi are included.It has been revealed that Alice in Borderland author Haro Aso drew inspiration for both characters from his own personality.His indecisiveness inspired him to create Arisu who he explained was inspired by the part of him that doesnt need to rely on people when he was approximately 20 years old.Nijiro Murakamis Chishiya Instagram Aya Asahinas Kuina Ayaka Miyoshis An and Riisa Nakas Mira who was set up as a significant new villain in the series finale are among the supporting cast members we may expect to see more of.The second season of Netflixs Alice in Borderland is expected to have some new cast members but Netflix has yet to reveal who will be joining the program well keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Do You Know for Sure if the Movie Alice in Borderland Is Based on a Real Book?

Yes Of course this is a manga based show! The mangas creator Haro Aso wrote the series. The series was originally serialized in Japanese Sunday newspapers.Eventually the plot evolved into a series of novels. There were a total of 18 books in the series. They were distributed around the country in Japanese.Viz Media will be releasing the series in March 2022 in the English language after the series translation into English was completed.

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Spoilers

Aristo who is jobless and video game obsessive is thrown into a bizarre scary parallel version of Tokyo in the first season as weve seen. Arisu and his comrades are tasked with fighting for their lives in this strange environment by completing various tasks.It differs from the Squid Game in that the primary objective of the participants is to obtain a Visa for their future lives. In Squid Game on the other hand the major goal of the players is to win a large sum of money.Thats not all In the first season we learned that Arisu Usagi and the other survivors will soon be forced to compete in the second round of lethal games. Mira the games designer broke the news to us.The Arisu has also robbed Chota and Karube of their weapons and he has discovered that Momoka and Asahi are the traitors Momoka and Asahi were playing with. He was astonished to see what had happened to her.Then Arisu will no longer trust anyone but he has Usagi to rely on for help.Furthermore Netflix is known for acquiring most of its original content thus it is possible that the narrative of Alice in Borderland might be extended much further.

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