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Alice In Borderland Characters Ranked Least To Most Likely To Win Squid Game

The rise of game centered action thriller series on Netflix has allowed viewers to invest in some seriously good shows from Alice in Borderland to Squid Game. These series often make for an interactive experience from guessing the next plot twist to spotting the answer to a game from a mile off.With the second series of Alice in Borderland still one whole year away creating hypothetical scenarios where the characters are taken from the context of their original series and placed alone in a similar series is a logical way to spend that time.

10 Least Likely Chota Segawa

Chota is one of those unfortunate characters destined to fall at the first hurdle. His self confessed reliance on those around him to pull him through life would not make for a good Squid Game contestant. He relies heavily on his two best friends not only in the Alice in Borderland games but also in life where he confesses to being saved from school bullying by Karube and Arisu. He was also the first to become injured in game forcing him to rely on his friends to get him through once again. Most likely he would fall during Red light Green light and without Karube or Usagi to hold him up his journey in Squid Game would end there.

9 Suguru Niragi

Though ruthless and focussed Niragi is also impulsive and would struggle to make reasoned decisions in the face of the high pressure of the rounds in Squid Game. Nigari is portrayed as dangerous but also a kind of henchman following the orders of Aguri and ultimately being controlled by the leaders of the Beach. In Squid Game he would likely find himself under the control of Jang Deok su who he would eventually betray or be betrayed by. Without a basic level of trust and morals it would be difficult to get through a night in Squid Game no matter how dangerous you can be.Karube had a lot of potential in Alice in Borderland with key characteristics needed to complete in the Squid Game rounds. He quickly sprung into survival mode whenever necessary and had the brawn to defend himself in physical situations.Karube would likely last longer without the weight of his loyalties to his close friends which ultimately led to his demise. However he also placed a lot of his trust in his friend Usagis decisions and without the guidance of his friend he could struggle to find his way in Squid Game.

7 Takatora Samura

Takatoras character is complex and his background story shows him searching for a purpose in normal life. He is initially portrayed as a person who never leaves his apartment creating the question of whether he would even get as far as being invited to the Squid Game rounds. However parallels can be drawn between his character and Squid Games Old Man. Both with nothing to lose they have an edge over the other contestants. Takatora would thrive in games like Red Light Green Light perhaps even finding the excitement in life he craves. However Takatora never seems to have any allies. This would be good in games like marbles but only if he managed to get through other games without being ostracized. Without the ultimate protection that Old Man was afforded Samura would not last as long.

6 Hikari Kuina

Hikaris full capabilities are not as clear as those of others in Alice in Borderland. Her relatively unassuming personality could aid her in staying under the radar and reduce her risk of being targeted by the others. She is confident and is able to work her way into any situation and therefore any group of people. Furthermore her alliance with Chishiya shows she has desirable qualities though quite where their relationship began is unclear. It is probable that her experience in martial arts would protect her during the nights but she doesnt appear to have much specialist knowledge of conceptual games which could see her struggle without the support of others.

5 Morizono Aguni

Aguri is another strong contender in Squid Game. He is a fighter a leader and has his own moral compass. Going by his actions at the end of Alice in Borderland it would seem he would happily push someone into taking the next step on the glass tile game so long as it ensured he would make it to the end. His loyalty and alliance with The Hatter allowed him to get to his position but also tipped him over the edge.Without any historic relationships it is possible he would do well in the games however his emotional struggles could ultimately prevent him from reaching the final if he was unable to stay calm and reasoned.

4 Takeru Danma The Hatter

It would be wrong to dismiss the clear brilliance of Hatter just because of his final moments in Alice in Borderland. To fully analyze his potential ability to succeed in Squid Game it is important to think about his full character journey. Not only was he effectively the best at completing the games in Alice in Borderland but he also had strong allies and broader ambitions. In Squid Game he would likely do well in the first few games and ultimately build a team around him to help him succeed further. On the other hand one of his greatest strengths was his close alliance with Aguri a commodity unavailable to him in Squid Game.

3 Ryohei Arisu

As the protagonist of Alice in Borderland it would be easy to give Arisu the top spot. Arisu has a deep knowledge of gaming resulting in an almost super power edge to rival Squid Games Cho Sang Woo and usually strikes the essential balance between survival and loyalty needed to beat the games. Whether this knowledge would extend to games outside of the computer especially those unknown to him personally is unclear. However without the initial support of his friends it is not clear how successful he would be in keeping up his morale through such horrific circumstances.

2 Yuzuha Usagi

Usagi has to score highly here if not only because she has such clear physical and mental capabilities. She would easily glide through the physical games as proven by her ability to literally run away from a flood and would likely have the nerve and determination to complete the Dalgona challenge without letting the panic creep in. Her strength of mind and body would also make her a good ally to others in Squid Game and could see her become a popular choice for others in team games. Her only downfall would be whether she would be open and able to find the right allies to get her through the team games and ultimately into the final game.

1 Most Likely Shuntaro Chishiya

The top spot has to go to Chishiya. With only one close ally he manages to utilize others as and when it suits his needs best with enough game playing skill to have found himself as an executive at the Beach. His practical skills go hand in hand with his unreserved ability to think calmly logically and holistically in any situation which would be essential to completing the Squid Game rounds. When faced at the end of his series with the prospect of yet more games Chishiya comments that he is looking forward to them leaving the sense that the peak of his abilities have not yet been seen. After all there is a reason no one wants to be his enemy.

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