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Alice In Borderland: 7 Most Horrific Things The Characters Did To Each Other

Its not surprising that the characters trapped in the deadly competition in Alice in Borderland tend to do horrific things to each other. These players are often forced into committing heinous acts to survive and some end up even enjoying hurting others.The most horrendous acts from the players on the show often happen during tense moments in the life or death games. With a clock ticking in the background the characters usually find themselves desperate to find ways to win the rounds even if it means others have to die so that they could live.

Saori Shibuki Pressured A Player Into Dying

The first game viewers ever see is Dead or Alive and it sounds simple enough at first but even the most intelligent characters in Alice in Borderland have a hard time trying to solve it. Shibuki doesnt bother trying to find the right answer though as she confidently blurts out that the answer is obviously the door labeled Life.As the only player with previous experience in the room she thinks that she can trick others into opening the doors for her. Shes unfortunately right the first time as shes able to pressure a young player into opening the wrong door. This leads to the unnamed players death which doesnt bother Shibuki in the slightest. This isnt the only horrific thing she does in the show as fans may recall how she manipulates Chōta and almost ruins his close friendship with Arisu and Karube later on.

Ryōhei Arisu Killed The Tagger

Arisu quickly realizes that something doesnt feel right in the game of Tag but he doesnt have enough time to think about it. When he thinks its safe to enter the correct room because Karube has the masked tagger under control hes greeted by a second tagger who takes him by surprise.With time running out and a bomb about to detonate he has no choice but to fight the tagger. He likely believes during their struggle that the person behind the mask is an evil gamemaster. After he defeats and unmasks the tagger though he realizes that shes just another player who was forced into the role just like he was. His heinous act makes him feel extremely guilty as he probably wouldnt have harmed her like that if he knew she was just another innocent player.

Aguni Morizono Sacrificed His Teammate

Karube is one of Alice in Borderlands bravest characters who shows how fearless he can be when he volunteers to hunt down the masked shooter in the game of Tag. He goes with Aguni and another player as they scour each floor formulating a plan to trap the tagger along the way.When Agunis companion lures the tagger through the stairs and towards the group he calls out to signal that hes in the right position. Aguni doesnt reply however showing Karube and audiences that he cant be trusted. He chooses to sacrifice his companion in order to gain an unnecessary advantage over the tagger. Its Agunis first selfish and horrific act on the show but its unfortunately not his last.

Hatter Manipulated Hundreds Of Players

Its chilling to think about how Hatter managed to lie to and manipulate hundreds of players. He enjoys the fame and attention that comes with being the leader of the cult like Beach. With Agunis help Hatter is able to make his members believe that only he can bring them salvation. Hatter encourages the players to live their lives to the fullest on the Beach. Some fans may remember how twisted his rousing speech to his followers is as he persuades them to risk their lives to collect cards by joining games for him. It becomes even more sickening when its revealed that Hatter made the whole thing up and he has no idea if collecting all the face cards would actually send any of them back home.

Hatter Attempted To Murder Aguni Morizono

Aguni may not be the smartest nor the most likable character in Alice in Borderland but he knows and cares enough to see that Hatter has gone too far. A flashback shows how the Beach started out innocently enough as Hatter had good intentions that could help players feel more grounded and hopeful in the bleak world theyre stuck in.However Hatter lost his way at some point and Aguni cant stand the deceit anymore. He wants to end the Beach and tries to reason with Hatter explaining that he has gone too far. Instead of listening to Aguni Hatter calls him a traitor and attempts to shoot his own best friend. Its an appalling act that thankfully backfires on Hatter as Aguni is able to fight back and defend himself.

Shuntarō Chishiya And Hikari Kuina Used Ryōhei Arisu

Theres a hopeful moment in the show when it seems as if the fan favorite characters – Chishiya Kuina Arisu and Usagi are all coming together to take down the Beach and escape with the face cards. Chishiya and Kuina convince Arisu to help them with their escape plan. They assure him that its foolproof and that all he has to do is open the safe to steal the cards.A shocking twist shows Chishiya walking into the room with Aguni and admitting that he just wanted to trap Arisu though. This gives Chishiya a chance to figure out the real location of the players cards. Kuina almost turns back to help Arisu as she feels guilty about leaving him to die on the Beach while she leaves with Chishiya. The two of them decide that their awful betrayal is worth it however and walk away without looking back anyway.

Aguni Morizono Killed And Burned Players

One of Alice in Borderlands most gruesome and difficult games the Witch Hunt brought out some of the characters worst traits as a ticking clock pushes a guilt ridden Aguni to command his goons to start a bloodbath. The armed players dont hesitate to follow Agunis lead and start shooting everyone in sight. Bodies litter the hallways as the chaos builds to unbelievable proportions.Theres a scene where Aguni sheds a tear which fans later understand to be a moment when he recalls Hatters death. The internal turmoil and pain Aguni feels manifests in the worst way as he refuses to listen to reason and wants his goons to kill as many Beach members as possible. He could have used his authority as the Beachs new leader to prevent the massacre but he chooses to incite violence and needlessly murders others.

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