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Alexander Skarsgård Went Pantless to Outdo Zac Efron Going for Sexy

Actor Alexander Skarsgård dropped his pants basically in response to a shirtless Zac Efron at the MTV Movie Awards from a previous year which he recently revealed in an IMDb video. The MTV crowd swooned when Efron removed his shirt revealing his ripped abs. So Skarsgård joked about how it was a pro move and that he did one better – removed his pants. Skarsgårds IMDb profile picture now shows the actor sans pants which is where he explained why he went for the look. Alexander Skarsgård dropped is pants because Zac Efron took off his shirt In a tongueincheek video Skarsgård shared why hes pantless in his IMDb profile. A couple of years ago when we were promoting Tarzan Samuel Jackson and I went to the MTV Movie Awards Skarsgård said in a video shared on the IMDb Instagram.

Alexander Skarsgard struts onstage pantless during the 2016 MTV Movie Awards
Alexander Skarsgard Kevin WinterGetty Images for MTVThe year before Zac Efron had taken his shirt off. He is so sexy he reflected. So I decided to also show a little bit of skin. I could not take my shirt off because Zac had already done that so I thought Well Ill take my pants off because its equally sexy. Samuel L. Jackson cringed during the MTV moment Skarsgård seemed to relish the moment. But Jackson cringelaughed when his copresenter showed up in his tightie whities. Youre not wearing any pants Jackson astutely observed during the 2016 awards ceremony via People. Nope no pants Skarsgård proudly replied. Jackson asked the obvious question of why. And Skarsgård cleverly replied Me Tarzan Skarsgard said knowingly. Gotta give the fans a little skin. And then referred to Efron. I was going to go shirtless but then someone told me Zac Efron did that two years ago here he dished.

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