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Aaron TaylorJohnson and Chloë Grace Moretz the protagonists of KickAss 12 years later

A high school student obsessed with comics decides one day to become a superhero despite the great inconvenience that it can mean for him not to have superpowers no money no muscles and in fact a clear motivation to be a superhero. Thats Dave KickAss played by Aaron Taylor Johnson and who ends up being joined rescued by Hit Girl Chloë Grace Moretzs character.


Chloë Grace Moretz has become one of the most popular young actresses in Hollywood. She was born in 97 she was 12 years old when she filmed KickAss and the terrifying Let Me In and just three years later she played the lead in the latest version of Carrie. In 2016 she was the terrible college neighbor in Insane Neighbors 2 and among her last roles in addition to being the voice of Wednesday in the two animated installments of The Addams Family she played Georgia in the Netflix film Mother Android.

Aaron TaylorJohnson has become one of those essential sidekicks who although they dont end up standing out among the big stars on the red carpet embroider any role that falls into their hands. The second part of KickAss was released in 2013 and after that he has participated in other productions of such great importance as Godzilla Nocturnal Animals or Avengers The Age of Ultron where he played Pietro Maxim off Quicksilver. In recent years we have seen him in other movies almost completely unrecognizable. Just take a look at his role as James Douglas in The Outlaw King opposite Chris Pine or his brief appearance as Archie Reid in the latest installment of Kings Man The First Quest.

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