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7 Best Improvised Moments In Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation remain one of the most optimistic and cheerfully funny shows of the past decade. A large part of the success of the series comes from the beloved cast of Pawnees Parks and Rec department who are made up of some naturally hilarious actors. Many of those actors whether part of the main cast or a guest star are also gifted at improvising some seriously great moments.From a TikTok meme to an improvised crossover film between the MCU and Star Wars franchises these improvised moments have left audiences in stitches. Sometimes its the spur of the moment comedic decisions that stay with audiences after the series ends.

Dont Be Suspicious

Dont be suspicious. Dont be suspicious has emerged as one of the biggest memes from Parks and Recreation. A viral sound on TikTok endlessly gifd and more the moment has become extremely iconic for the series. According to Ben Schwartz and Jenny Slate in an Esquire article it was also entirely improvised.Slate said [W]e were in a cemetery from what I remember. Its a real cemetery. And you can see how you want to see it but I saw it as a great big lawn in front of me. And it was like theyre shooting from far away. We could probably dance our way out of this scene.

Chris Tragers Pep Talk

One of the best episodes of Parks and Recreation is the season 3 episode Flu Season. With the virus sweeping through Pawnee no one is safe from its virulent clutches even insanely healthy Chris Traeger. In one of the more brilliant improvised scenes out there Rob Lowe hilariously showcased Chris horror at his own body being susceptible to illness.The resulting improvisation from Lowe is one of the most famous in the show which is capped off by the iconic line Stop. Pooping.

Band Names

Chris Pratt has been behind some of the wildest improvised moments on Parks and Recreation using his comedic timing to great effect and willing to do anything to get a laugh. One great example of this was in the episode Rock Show where Andy lists the previous band names of Mouse Rat.The names that Pratt came up with on this improvised moment include Department of Homeland Obscurity Nothing Rhymes with Orange Everything Rhymes with Orange and more. According to Pratt about half of the list was improvised with about 15 to 20 band names already in the script.

Tammy II Gets Naked

Theres a pretty famous story about Chris Pratt getting nude on the Parks and Rec set in order to get a real reaction out of Amy Poehler for a scene. Hes not the only actor to have bared all or well bared most however. In Ron and Tammy Tammy II played by Nick Offermans real life wife Megan Mullally takes her top off when she and Ron go to a motel.According to Mullally in an interview with NBC this was a totally improvised moment. She said I didnt care it was six in the morning who cares I didnt know anybody. Either way it left fans with an absolutely hilarious Parks and Rec moment that showcased how wild Tammy could be.

The Start Of April And Andy

One of the best and strongest couples in the series was April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer who emulate the TikTok romance type of the scary goth girl and the golden retriever gamer boy. According to Michael Shur the romance potential started with an ab lib from Audrey Plaza.In season 1s finale Rock Show Schur said to The A.V. Club that the seed was planted when April to Andy I totally get what you mean when he talked about his incomprehensible taste in music. With that line in the writers heads they saw the chemistry between the pair solidify in Hunting Trip in season 2 which led to them getting together as a couple.

Roadhouse Reenactment

Chris Pratt was known for some pretty genuine improv moments on Parks and Rec which means that the writers knew when to leave the comedy in his hands. One such time was when Amy Poehler wrote the script for season 4s The Debate. During the episode the debate watch party for the Knope campaign hits a snag when Andy and April forget to pay their cable bill. Instead Andy has to entertain the crowd.Andy decides to do the movie Roadhouse. Apparently the only direction Poehler gave was Pratt does Roadhouse and let her co star go wild. As a result it was a hilarious and enrapturing scene for both audiences in universe and at home.

Everyone Gets Drunk

Season 3s The Fight gives audiences a look into how the characters would behave when heavily intoxicated. This hilarious Parks and Rec scene came about because the cast wanted to make Amy Poehler who wrote the episode and the director Randall Einhorn laugh. With that in mind their mission had to have been accomplished because the scene is one of the funniest in the series.From April speaking incomprehensible Spanish to Ben Wyatt Adam Scott saying bababooey the whole scene is absolutely hilarious. It really does showcase the comedic talent of the cast along with their dedication to their improv skills in the moment. Its one of the most perfect comedic scenes in sitcoms.

Patton Oswalt Steals The Show

In the episode Article Two Patton Oswalt plays a town historian who clings to the old outdated ways in the Pawnee charter and filibusters the city councils attempts to update it. He does this by sharing his idea for an MCU Star Wars crossover which goes on for about ten minutes in the unedited version. Apparently Oswalt improvised the whole thing using his famous nerd credentials to make the plot.Its one of the most infamously hilarious scenes in the show. Honestly some people want to see this thing happen as a result because Oswalt is just that persuasive.

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