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365 Days 2 Trailer Laura & Massimos Marriage Gets Complicated

A new trailer for 365 Days This Day the sequel to Netflixs controversial 365 Days teases Laura and Massimos dramatic married life.

A new trailer and images for the sequel to the controversial 2020 erotic thriller 365 Days have dropped. Released at the beginning of the pandemic and an immediate headlinegrabber 365 Days follows Laura an executive from Warsaw who is kidnapped by Massimo a Sicilian gangster and given a year to fall in love with him. The sequel titled 365 Days This Day will see AnnaMaria Sieklucka reprise the role of Laura and Michele Morrone return as Massimo. It is one of two sequels commissioned by Netflix that are being filmed concurrently.

365 Days was a controversy from the moment it hit the streaming platform with many labeling it as a glorification of abuse and calling for it to be removed. This was accompanied by a range of bad reviews with many citing the controversial subject matter a terrible plot and awful dialogue. It currently sits at a 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes. This doesnt mean that it wasnt popular however as 365 Days had 10 days as the number 1 film on the platform.

It looks as if the sequel will be following much the same formula as the first film as revealed in the trailer and images that Netflix has just released. With a myriad of fancy locations and a lot of sultry suspense 365 Days This Day appears to be capitalizing on the stylistic eroticism that made the original a hit. Alongside the returning cast new characters like Nacho played by Simone Sussina look to be adding further elements of intrigue and drama into an already quite explosive mix.

Released with the trailer new images from the sequel show off a wedding scene between Laura and Massimo adding further question marks to the cliffhanger on which 365 Days ended. The images also show Nacho holding a surfboard and Massimo looking mighty worried whilst on the phone. Alongside the trailer and images Netflix released statements from the returning cast and crew which promise that the sequel will feature a more independent Laura.

While Netflix is certainly going to be happy with the inevitable firestorm that 365 Days This Day is likely to create as the controversy surrounding 365 Days boosted its viewership the trailer doesnt really imply that the sequel will fix any of the problems that irked critics. It seems to be going for more of the same which is probably wise from a business perspective but disappointing from a storytelling one. Hopefully the sequel will try and address the issues that surrounded the originals subject matter or at least not create an even worse stir when it releases on April 27th.

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