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2023 Toyota Crown Patent Images Show Radical Body Style Change

Launched back in 1955 the Toyota Crown has had no fewer than 15 generations and all of them have been typically sold as a sedan. There were also coupes wagons and even a pickup but the saloon has always been at the core of the longrunning nameplate. In April 2021 the name was repurposed for an SUV in China where it essentially serves as a fancy Highlander. Fast forward to 2022 heres an early look at a different Crown.

Patent images obtained by Japanese magazines from the local trademark bureau show a new take on the Crown. It doesnt seem to be wearing its distinctive badge but were being told this high riding fastback will indeed be sold as a Crown. The somewhat odd shape should be familiar as the Citroën C5 X and Chinas Ford Evos have a similar body. Going back in time were getting hints of the defunct Honda Crosstour.

The car featured here will reportedly go by the name of Crown Cross and should have the following dimensions 4930 millimeters 194 inches long 1840 mm 72.4 in wide and 1540 mm 60.6 in tall with a wheelbase measuring 2850 mm 112.2 in. That would make it bigger in every dimension compared to the outgoing sedan but with a slightly shorter wheelbase.

Sources from the Land of the Rising Sun claim Toyota wants to sell the reinvented Crown with a fourcylinder 2.5liter hybrid engine hooked out to a CVT. There also might be a turbocharged 2.4liter with an electric motor and a sixspeed automatic. It will sit on the TNGAK platform and come with a choice between front and allwheel drive with a plugin hybrid option in the works.

The Crown Has Already Been SUVified The official premiere is allegedly locked in for July 15. Its too early to say whether that rumor about a Crown SUV coming to the United States has anything to do with this car. If thats the case it could serve as an indirect replacement for the Avalon which is bowing out after the 2022 model year. Another piece of the puzzle were missing is whether Toyota intends to keep the rearwheeldrive sedan on sale.
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