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When Alicia’s Fear The Walking Dead Flashback Takes Place In Season 7’s Timeline

Fear The Walking Dead season 7’s “Padre” reveals Alicia’s backstory, spread across a period of weeks over 2 seasons. When does each scene take place?

Alicia’s flashbacks continue Fear The Walking Dead season 7’s winding narrative – but when do these events fall within the show’s timeline? As one the few remaining Fear The Walking Dead originals and (arguably) the spinoff’s lead protagonist, Alicia Clark’s season 7 absence has been curious indeed. Played by Alycia Debnam-Carey, the sole remaining member of the Clark clan (for now) last featured in Fear The Walking Dead season 6’s “Mother,” locked in a nuke-proof bunker by a lunatic serial killer who believed she would rebuild the world after he destroyed it.

Thanks to Teddy, Alicia missed the final 2 episodes of Fear The Walking Dead season 6 and the first 6 episodes of season 7, eventually returning in the closing moments of “The Portrait.” Through Victor Strand’s conversations with Will, viewers already know Alicia did as Teddy intended, leading a community of her own. She and her people then ran from the bunker, founded the Stalkers, and currently reside in the nuclear wilderness covered by the clothes of the dead. Fear The Walking Dead season 7’s “Padre” fills in the gap before Alicia accepted becoming their leader.

Alicia’s first flashback happens immediately after Teddy abandons her. She beats on the door for a while then escapes into the bunker foyer, encountering her future ex-cult followers. These events slot between Fear The Walking Dead season 6’s “Mother” and “USS Pennsylvania,” since Teddy wouldn’t have had time to get back to the submarine from the Franklin Hotel without a small gap. Alicia’s first meeting with Will must coincide more or less with “USS Pennsylvania,” so that Alicia gets trapped in the tunnel simultaneous to Fear The Walking Dead’s season 6 finale episode, “The Beginning.”

According to Will, Alicia wakes up one week after her ad-hoc amputation, placing their parting conversation in the time skip between Fear The Walking Dead seasons 6 and 7. In the episode’s final flashback, Alicia discovers a note from Will explaining his departure from the bunker. Will previously told Strand he was alone in the wild for “50 days,” meaning there’s still 2 months unaccounted for in Alicia’s story, where she would’ve taken charge of the bunker community proper, decided to seek out PADRE, then lost a handful of her people to Arno.

Fear The Walking Dead season 7 has zipped up and down its timeline with each and every episode. This means parts of episode 4 (“Breathe With Me”) run parallel to scenes from Alisha’s flashback. Daniel’s group would’ve been riding the CRM helicopter while Alisha failed at fleeing the bunker with Will. Then the opening scene of “Breathe With Me” takes place, where Sarah wakes up and leaves the group in search of Wendell. Several days after Sarah splits would be when Alicia wakes up to the result of her left arm handiwork. With 2 months of Alicia’s story still to cover, Fear The Walking Dead season 7 part 2 might be tempted to include a continuation of her flashback.

Having said that, Alicia’s backstory serves as yet another example of how Fear The Walking Dead season 7 has made for a confusing watch. Every episode begins and ends in different places, while also overlapping, hopping over each other like zombies clawing for the last piece of flesh. Of all season 7’s episodes, “Padre” begins earliest (during season 6’s “Mother”), but also finishes furthest ahead (Alicia declaring war on Strand). With everyone now either on Morgan’s yellow submarine or in Strand Towers, hopefully the back half of Fear The Walking Dead season 7 will adopt a more linear approach.

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