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The Vampire Diaries: The 5 Saddest Quotes That Broke Fans’ Hearts. Part II

The Vampire Diaries never shied away from difficult subject matters, and with this came some particularly devastating lines of dialogue.

Amidst all of the epic fights and supernatural occurrences, there were many moments in The Vampire Diaries that were devastating to watch. Throughout the 8 season run, there were many losses and grief that left the beloved characters heartbroken.

Damon Resents Elena’s Decision
“Even If I Was Drowning In Grief, I’d Rather Hang On To Every Moment That I Ever Held You, Or Every Laugh That I Ever Heard, Every Shred Of Happiness That We Ever Had.”

“…I would rather spend every moment in agony than erase the memory of you.” Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries was particularly rough for Damon and Elena. After Damon’s death at the end of the fifth season, Elena elects to erase her memories of him, believing that the happiness they had shared was not worth remembering because it was too painful for her.

After his return, Damon makes futile attempts to get Elena to remember him in the significant episode “Do You Remember The First Time?” Damon says this line to Elena, frustrated and crushed that she would ever want to forget him, when he could and would never do the same. This romantic admission only gets worse for Damon, as he realizes that, even if it is temporarily, he has to let Elena go.

Caroline Opens Up
“Do You Ever Feel Like There’s Not A Person In The World Who Loves You?”

Unusually somber for her character, Caroline asks this question to Matt in the episode “162 Candles.” Throughout Season 1, Caroline struggles a lot with her identity and where she fits in, especially against Bonnie and Elena, often resulting in a catty, ‘queen B’ attitude.

Yet, this quote hints at how she truly felt – even with the act she put on to her friends and peers, deep down she felt like no one could understand or love her. Considering Caroline’s usually sunny persona, this quote resonates deeply and is a testament to her strength earlier on in the show, where she hadn’t established who she was, or what her purpose was yet. It’s a vulnerable moment for her character that is poignant, and pivotal in her development.

Bonnie’s At A Loss
“Don’t Ask Me To Have Hope. Hope Hurts And I Don’t Want To Hurt Anymore.”

Once a bright and optimistic teenager, Bonnie grew darker and more cynical throughout her time on the show, and rightfully so. Despite all the pain she endured, from the death of her grandmother to dying herself, Bonnie proved on more than once occasion to be the hero on the show. Yet, with each victory, there always seemed to be loss for her.

Bonnie says this line to Stefan in “Hello, Brother,” when, once again all hope seems to be lost. It shows how beaten down Bonnie has gotten, and emphasizes how all the hardships she has endured have irrevocably changed her.

Damon Speaks For Liz
“Your Mum Wanted You To Know How Proud Of You She Was, And She Should Be. You’re A Beautiful, Strong Woman, A Generous Friend, And A Bright Light In A Sea Of Dark.”

“…She said you were extraordinary, and you are, and so was she.” The narrative arc that followed the death of Caroline’s mom spawned many emotional moments, and the scene in which this quote is said is one of the most crushing. Speaking at Liz’s funeral, Damon tells Caroline what her mother thought of her, and indicates that Liz was just as amazing as she thought her daughter to be.

Any funeral portrayed in the show is gut-wrenching, but Damon addressing Caroline with these sweet but weighted words are significantly sad. It’s a beautiful moment where Damon displays how kind he can be sometimes, but it is nonetheless hard to watch.

Elena’s Reflects On Her Grief
“The Worst Day Of Loving Someone Is The Day You Lose Them.”

Elena has suffered more than any other character on The Vampire Diaries, so there’s denying that she knows better than anyone the truth in these sad words. Elena says this line at the funeral of the town’s mayor in season 4, but the words alone hold more weight coming from Elena.

This line resonates with all the loss that Elena has encountered throughout the show, and is a stark reminder as to how much grief she has had to endure. Considering that she was only a teenager when her parents died, and lost many more people after this, this line encompasses the devastation she has experienced.

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