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The Jedi Purge Made Real In Incredible Photo Realistic Star Wars Fan Film

An amazingly animated hyper-realistic Star Wars fan film shows the infamous Jedi purge from new perspectives and imagines its aftermath. A hypey realistic Star Wars fan film has shown the Jedi purge from new perspectives. The Jedi Purge which came as a result of Emperor Palpatine s Order 66 was first shown in the final film of George Lucas prequel trilogy The Revenge of the Sith. The moment is a poignant one for many fans who saw some of their most beloved characters being betrayed and killed by the previously loyal clone troopers.

Star Wars fans got to learn more about the events leading up to the Jedi Purge in the final season of Dave Filonis animated series The Clone Wars released to Disney . The series showed how fan favourite character and Padawan to Anakin Sky walker Ahsoka Tano fit into the event as well as whether she survived it. The Jedi Purge is one of the prequel trilogys most memorable moments with multiple books and games dedicated to exploring its impact and aftermath. Now in a video from YouTube channel Cinematic Captures fans get a chance to take another look at the Jedi Purge. The fan made video titled The Dark Times shows Jedi being killed by their clone troopers and Darth Vader troops hunting down fugitive force users. The Dark Times features astounding animation including stand-out scenes of the Jedi temple on Coruscant. Check out the video below:


Star Wars fans have always been keen to learn more about all elements of the films and so will appreciate the chance to see another perspective on the Jedi Purge. The animation which might be even more impressive than some of the series own work should blow fans away with its hyper realistic landscapes and design. Showing classic characters including Darth Vader Darth Maul and Asoka Tano also hits on a nostalgic element which could see some fans getting a bit emotional as well as excited. Since the recent Disney sequel trilogy ended Star Wars fans have been treated to Disne TV series instead of new films. The Bad Batch is an animated follow up to The Clone Wars while the immensely popular The Mandalorian has explored new aspects of the Star Wars universe showing that there plenty more story to tell in between the events of Lucas original trilogy and the sequels. The Mandalorian season 3 is currently in filming and is expected to hit screens at some point in 2022. Plenty of Star Wars spinoff films have been proposed such as Patty Jenkins Rogue Squadron but they have mostly encountered significant development issues. Star Wars fans will hope that until more films are released to theatres fan films like The Dark Times can continue to fill the gap.

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