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Ted Lasso: 5Times A Character’s Personality Totally Changed. Part II

Ted Lasso is set to make a comeback next year for season 3 on Apple TV, with the hope of seeing how the characters have progressed and developed. Encompassed in the warmth of friendship and loyalty, the Apple TV hit series also took a dive into looking at why Ted, Rebecca and their umpteen acquaintances have the traits they portray.

Although initially met with characters that have defined personalities, as the series rolled on, numerous turning points arose for each of them. For characters like Roy, these moments would present a vulnerability that hadn’t yet been shown or a choice to better themselves, although that wasn’t always the case.

Jamie Faces His Dad

It appeared to be abundantly clear the kind of person Jamie Tartt was from the start: narcissistic, self centered, rude, cocky, etc. And yet, his self absorbed persona seemed to melt away when faced with the venom his father spouted in season 2, episode 8. In front of his team mates and coaches, Jamie punched his dad, leading to Roy walking over to hug him as he cried.

In that moment, Jamie confronted the very person who had caused him to behave the way he had, and then allowed himself to (literally) lean on another footballer. One of the most skillful players at AFC Richmond, who saw emotion as weakness and other people as below him, suddenly let out the feelings he had suppressed for so long, turning to another man for comfort.

Nathan Betrays Ted

Nathan Shelley, Nate, “Nate the Great.” At first, his Lasso-given, apt nickname was something audiences could agree with. He really did seem great. Yet, it is the most inoffensive and polite character, who’s personality took on the biggest transformation. The supportive friend he found in Keeley, encouraged him to be brave and more confident. Her innocent help was completely misread, turning him into someone that his former self would’ve steered clear of.

His gradual change culminated in an unwarranted betrayal in season 2, episode 11, towards Ted. Contacting a newspaper to disclose Ted’s personal information about a panic attack, it was almost as if Nathan had started to embrace negative characteristics that other characters had chosen to step away from, without any attempt to be who he once was.

Dani’s Football Accident

Dani Rojas took on his first meeting with AFC Richmond, with nothing less than elation and sheer zest for football. His catchphrase “football is life,” was always put into practice as he’d give everything he could to training and matches.

That was until a freak accident in season 2, episode 1, entailing a kick of the ball from Dani hitting and killing a dog, deflated his passion and caused him to spiral into a phase of upset and self blame. Dani would normally be outwardly expressive, a team player and the voice of absolute happiness, heard above everyone else’s. The hurt he felt had a huge impact on his playing ability, momentarily losing the skill he had.

Dr. Sharon Tries To Leave Quietly

Dr. Sharon Fieldstone offers her services as a highly skilled psychologist, to AFC Richmond. Dr. Sharon approaches Ted and the team with a professional demeanor, appearing to have no room for friendship. Upon Dr. Sharon’s attempt at a swift departure from her job at the club in season 2, episode 11, Ted explained his upset towards her, because she wasn’t going to say goodbye, even though he thought they’d “had a breakthrough.”

She admitted that, because of Ted, she had learnt talking about her vulnerabilities helps her patients to talk about theirs. Dr. Sharon saw the opportunity to relax and the working relationship she had a strong stance on, shifted slightly, allowing her to see that bonds could form. It didn’t always have to be a one way street.

Coach Beard Goes Out

Perhaps the most mysterious of the characters, Beard comes as a package deal with Ted. A man of very, very few words, it was sometimes hard to tell what he was thinking or how he was feeling. There’s a great calmness with Beard and often very little reaction. However, in episode 9 of season 2, nearly the whole 45 minutes is dedicated to him and his night out.

Here, we saw a release of energy and complete adventure from him, as he took on the Richmond nightlife. Usually, Beard would be found stood on the sideline of the pitch, arms folded with little to no movement. The night of the Man City match, ran away with him, and he had no interest in stopping it.

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