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Supergirl: The Best Character In Series First Half

One character always soars to new heights in each season of Supergirl from Kara Danvers finding herself to Lex Luthor finding love.

Many of the best characters from the series balanced their hero personas with their day-to-day interpersonal conflicts, such as Supergirl herself. Supergirl also proved that great characters don’t always have to be heroes or likable either.

Season 1 – Kara Danvers/Supergirl

The first season of Supergirl introduced the character of Kara Danvers and showed her day-to-day struggles. She balances her regular life as Kara with her super-hero alter ego while working for CatCo Media and dealing with her overbearing boss. She shines in the first season because viewers are brought along as she struggles to decide whether or not she truly wants to be Supergirl.

While the series became complicated over the years, Kara’s arc in the first season is refreshing in its simplicity. In fact, she offers some of the season’s best moments. Kara is a great character because she isn’t perfect. Instead, she struggles with finding her footing as Supergirl in addition to living in the very large shadow of her cousin, Superman. When she ultimately does succeed to find that balance, it’s a story arc that’s well-earned.

Season 2 – Queen Rhea

The second season was split into two major conflicts. The first was with the nefarious anti-alien group Cadmus and the second was with the Daxamite Queen Rhea. Rhea is a fascinating character because she is singularly driven and will do anything to achieve her goals. She isn’t likable, but her motivations are clear and understandable even if the viewer may not agree with them.

In fact, Rhea stands as a lesson for viewers that revenge is a dangerous path to tread. Her arc dominates the latter portion of the second season but was set up earlier due to Mon-El’s introduction and the history between Krypton and Daxam. Unlike a lot of other characters on the show who get fleshed out over several seasons, Queen Rhea’s plot is perfectly self-contained throughout season 2.

Season 3 – Alex Danvers

Alex is Kara’s adoptive sister and often acts as her human counterpart throughout many of the show’s subplots. She doesn’t possess any of her sister’s superpowers but she is a strong and interesting character. In the third season, she shines by showing her humanity and dealing with very real problems that the audience could relate to. Her heartbreaking separation from Maggie Sawyer is a complicated issue, showing people who love each other wanting different things out of life.

While Kara is dealing with the threat of the World Killers, Alex is trying to get her personal life in order by figuring out that she wants to be a mom. The juxtaposition made for great television and endeared her to audiences.

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