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Peaky Blinders: The Main Characters, Ranked by Bravery. Part II

Peaky Blinders is full of strong characters, each one braver than the next. How do they stack up against each other in a courage competition?

Perhaps one of the secrets to the show’s success is the depth of its characters. Despite their unscrupulous behavior, they have won audiences over with their rich backstories and personal challenges. It may be these very experiences which have strengthened them and enabled them to exhibit great bravery in the most serious situations. Here’s a look at ten of the Peaky Blinders main characters which stand out as the bravest in the lot.

5 John Shelby

John Shelby is a tough member of the Peaky Blinders who is a brave and competent gangster. He does not fear the police, and his fierce loyalty to the reputation of his family business compels him to fight authority at all costs.

In addition to physical bravery, John is courageous by standing up to his family when necessary. Early on in the series his brothers and Aunt Polly criticize his choice to be with Lizzie Stark, but John defends his decision — and Lizzie.

4 Polly Gray

As the matriarch of the Shelby clan, Polly Gray is a tough, no-nonsense character who more than holds her own as a strong and capable woman among a family of brash men. She takes on anyone and everyone, and a trademark of her brave personality is her unwavering calmness under pressure.

This series makes it clear right from the start: don’t mess with Aunt Polly. Her allegiance to her family organization makes her a stoic, fearless force who seems more comfortable being callous than feeling. Despite hints of an emotional side.

3 Grace Shelby

Grace enters the series as a police accomplice who works undercover at the Shelbys’ pub. She has a sweet face, a sweet demeanor, and a sweet singing voice . . . but viewers soon see that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Although Grace seems refined and shy on the surface, acting as a special agent for the Birmingham Police takes guts. She’s taken on her fair share of thugs and has the courage and smarts to save herself from dangerous situations, like covertly shooting Inspector Campbell through her handbag. Grace’s bravery and strength only increase as she becomes involved with Tommy. And surely Grace’s courage is one of the things he finds most attractive about her.

2 Arthur Shelby

The oldest sibling of the Shelby family, Arthur’s role in the family business lands him in some compromising situations. A veteran and skilled boxer, fighting comes naturally to Arthur.

He’s taken a beating — literally — multiple times, but never falls victim to fear or compromise. Arthur’s experience as a fighter and his unflappable bravery makes him a strong asset to the Shelby organization.

1 Thomas Shelby

As the leader of the Peaky Blinders, Tommy Shelby has no choice but to act as a brave symbol of his family’s business.

Tommy’s dastardly behavior is undoubtedly fueled by the loss and trauma he has experienced in his life, which make him able to bravely confront danger and adversity head-on. He rarely displays a conscience, which helps him maintain his stoic demeanor. Audiences often sympathize with Tommy. Love him or hate him, he is mentally sharp and consistently courageous, making him the ideal leader of the Peaky Blinders.

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