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Modern Family and Other Hit Series are Leaving Netflix Where to Watch it Instead

Another unfortunate news for fans of the hit television series Modern Family Netflix just announced the last airing time of the show in selected regions of the world, among other titles.

The removal could be on account of the Disney Plus channel. In attempts to boost the said platform Disney has been pulling out their own series from other streaming services. And while it makes sense from a businessman’s point of view, it only makes it difficult for fans to watch these shows. Apart from the additional monthly subscription fans have to pay, another problem ahead is accessibility. Since Disney Plus have yet to acquire a license in some parts of the world, those living outside the serviceable area will not be able to watch. The good news is, there is a way to watch Modern Family and more for free, without having to subscribe to either Netflix or Disney Plus, anytime and anywhere. That is by downloading a free streaming app such as Osiflix.

What is Osiflix

Osiflix is a streaming app that allows users to watch all their favorite American and Asian shows, movies, and documentaries for free. It offers a Blu Ray high definition quality across all content and is up to date with the newest releases. Moreover, it has a simple and user friendly interface that lets end users browse through different categories hassle free. On top of that, although free, Osiflix does not annoy viewers with advertisements and commercials every five minutes. So, you can binge watch the shows smoothly and conveniently. Download the Osiflix app now and enjoy all the movies and TV shows from Modern Family to Grey’s Anatomy, and more, all for free. Don’t worry, you’ll have enough time to watch them as it will not be going away anytime soon. For more information regarding the free streaming service app Osiflix visit their website.

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