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Every Way Chucky Season 1 Connects to the Child’s Play Movies

Syfys Chucky is a televised continuation of the irreplaceable Child’s Play franchise. Don Mancini, the creator of the saga, honored prior installments by planting plenty of references and callbacks to the original Child’s Play films. Here is every connection that Chucky makes to its predecessors.

Andy Barclay and Kyle Return to Chucky

Child’s Play and Child’s Play 2 revolved around Chuckys very first friend til the end  Andy Barclay  and his foster sister, Kyle. When Child’s Play released in 1988  Andy Barclay actor  Alex Vincent was just seven-years-old and his co star Christine Elise Kyle was 23 years old. Nothing beats the feeling of nostalgia that devoted Childs Play fans must have felt upon seeing Vincent and Elise reprise their roles as Andy and Kyle. In Chucky, Andy Barclay and Kyle are all grown up, and they hunt down the remaining Good Guy Dolls.

What Is Charles Lee Ray And Eddie Caputo’s Backstory in Chucky?

When Charles is cornered by law enforcement in Child’s Play Eddie Caputo leaves him to bleed to death. Ultimately  Chucky ends his affiliation with Caputo by visiting his house and tying up loose ends. Chucky  Episode 3 I Like to Be Hugged  and Episode 4 Just Let Go show the ins and outs of Charles Lee Rays childhood as flashbacks  including his time in foster care. It’s in the foster system that Charles meets Caputo, and they form a friendship that withstands most of adulthood.

Chucky Uses Voodoo Magic Again

As Charles Lee Ray  Chucky transfers his soul into the Good Guy Doll using the Damballa Chant. At the end of Child’s Play  Chucky then attempts to take over Andy Barclay body by touching his forehead and reciting the voodoo spell. Chucky replicates the voodoo ritual after Chucky is mutilated in a house fire. He finds another Good Guy Doll owned by Caroline Cross in pristine condition and performs the Damballa Chant to possess the doll  known as Tommy.

What Happened to Nica in the Child’s Play Franchise?

In Curse of Chucky  Nica Pierce takes the fall for Chuckys homicide and wiles away four years in an asylum by convincing herself that she might just be a murderer. In Episode 5 of Chucky Little Little Lies  Nica possessed by Chucky murders an abducted young man with Tiffany Valentine. Before she does, Nica momentarily regains her willpower and takes back the reins; she re tells her history with Chucky  and brief snippets of news headlines and a clip of Nica being wheeled out of the courtroom refreshes viewers’ memories about what happened.

Is Chucky And Tiffany’s Child  Glen Glenda  in Chucky?

Glen  Glenda Chucky and Tiffany’s child, is mentioned several times in Chucky. In a touching moment with Jake Wheeler  Chuckys protagonist, who also gay  Chucky says I have a queer kid. Chucky proceeds to mention that Glen da  is genderfluid. Jake asks You cool with that? and Chucky responds I’m not a monster  Jake. Later  in Chucky  finale episode An Affair to Dismember  Tiffany boasts about several explosive devices in a salmon colored suitcase that were gifted to her by Glen da  She says Isn’t it cute? My darling Glenda gave it to me. They have exquisite taste.

How Many Times Has Chucky Killed Tiffany?

As many Child’s Play fans know Tiffany dies a handful of times throughout the franchise either in human form or doll form. Chucky references Tiffany’s many deaths in  An Affair to Dismember after Nica as Chucky threatens to kill Tiffany. She says, “Here we are again  huh? This will make… how many times have I killed you? Is it three? No, four! Four if you count human bodies AND doll bodies.

Does the Tiffany Doll Return in Chucky?
Where would Chucky be without his bride? The Tiffany doll appears in the final moments of “An Affair to Dismember.” After Jake, Devon and Lexy foil Chucky’s plot to raise a doll army, Andy Barclay drives a truckload of Good Guy Doll candidates as far away as possible. Unbeknownst to him, Tiffany (in doll form) has tagged along for the ride; Chucky leaves Tiffany’s involvement on a cliffhanger.

Tiffany Tickles Chucky in Bride of Chucky

Bride of Chucky features a decidedly strange  but still oddly sweet  scene between Chucky and Tiffany that would be replicated in the Chucky series. Fawning over Chucky, she says you re kinda cute. You re just like a little baby. Is the little baby ticklish? Is he? Is he?  She proceeds to tickle Chucky and he cackles hysterically. Jennifer Tilly reenacts the same scene in Chucky after she and Chucky are reunited for the first time. Tiffany beckons Chucky  and he comes running towards her, met with plenty of tickles.

What Is Tiffany’s Pet Name For Chucky?

Anyone who knows Tiffany knows that her signature term of endearment is sweetface. In Cult of Chucky  Chucky and Tiffany have a lovers reunion.When Nica as Chucky  walks over Tiffany looks her up and down and says Hey Sweet face. Good to see you back on your feet. Nica replies You look great Tiff. Afterward  the pair share an intimate kiss. Tiffany dishes out plenty of sweet face comments in Chucky  especially as loving praise. Even 23 years later Tilly and Mancini kept this small yet significant trait of the iconic character.

Does Chucky Get Revenge For Nica and Jake?

In Cult of Chucky  it is revealed that Dr. Foley sexually assaulted Nica during her sessions. Chucky then possesses Nica s body and murders Dr. Foley in Nica  honor. Before killing him a Chucky possessed Nica says is for Nica.  In Chucky  Lexy Cross bullied Jake for months. Episode 3 I Like to Be Hugged sees Chucky and Lexy rumble in the bedroom as Chucky attempts to stab her. Before Chucky attacks Lexy he says This is for Jake a callback to avenging Nica in Cult of Chucky.

Chucky Recre

In Childs Play 2 Chucky has some gruesome kills. Due to the fighting between Chucky Andy and Kyle a technician notices a malfunction with one of the machines in the Play Pals Inc. factory. When he investigates Chucky lunges at him. As a result the machine crushes his head and impales his eyes. Chuck y mimics this kill when Jake Wheeler confronts Chucky in An Affair to Dismember and strangles him with his bare hands Chuck yeyes then pop out in an identical fashion to the Childs Play 2 kill.

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