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5 Of The Most Rewatchable Supernatural Episodes. Part II

Reddit has plenty of Supernatural fans listing off their favorite episodes to rewatch, from hilarious meta episodes to well-crafted pieces of TV.

With 15 seasons under its belt and a loyal fandom ready to have the show on loop for years to come, there is no doubt that Supernatural is one of the most long-running shows that remains infinitely rewatchable for its fans. While many fans thought that the finale hurt the show, there are still several episodes that fans can’t get enough of.

“Mystery Spot” (S3, E11)

While the season 3 episode “Mystery Spot” spends its 40-minute runtime driving Sam Winchester to the point of becoming psychotic, many fans, including Redditor X1Phoner, list it as one of the show’s most rewatchable episodes.

Listing it with a couple of others, the Redditor says that they “rewatch these every few months pretty much.” With so much brilliant humor, not least of all many inventive Dean deaths, and another home run for the Trickster, it is easy to see why “Mystery Spot” is so loved and so rewatchable.

“Bad Day At Black Rock” (S3, E3)

Having an episode where the monster-of-the-week is a rabbit’s foot does not have any right to be as good as what “Bad Day At Black Rock” is. Alas, it is deemed very rewatchable by fans, including Redditor Yellow Underbelly.

They list the episode alongside “all the episodes with the Trickster/Gabriel,” and it is easy to see why it is up there with those hilarious episodes. With iconic quotes such as one of Dean’s funniest Supernatural quotes “I’m Batman” and Sam’s “I lost my shoe,” the episode is riddled with humor. It’s such fun and has appearances from controversial characters Bela Talbot and Gordon Walker.

“Dog Dean Afternoon” (S9, E5)

Supernatural has a knack for making ridiculous concepts into their funniest episodes, as evident in “Dog Dean Afternoon,” which Redditor AllWhiteInk mentioned as part of a long list of the best episodes from this popular series to revisit.

The Redditor deems it one of “My favorites,” and they are not the only one who rate it that highly. The episode, which sees Dean able to communicate with animals, is brilliant to watch and some of Jensen Ackles’ best comedic work in the entire show.

“The French Mistake” (S6, E15)

When it comes to Supernatural’s most rewatchable episodes, it is impossible to look past the quality meta episodes, with Reddit user chamberofmeepmorp stating that, in terms of the most rewatchable, it is “French Mistake all the way, baby.”

From the meta-commentary on the show itself to seeing Misha Collins playing Misha Collins to seeing Sam and Dean attempt to be the actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, fans can put on this episode and enjoy it anytime.

“Two Minutes To Midnight” (S5, E21)

Not all the most rewatchable episodes need to be hilarious. One that pops up in multiple lists on Reddit, including on Redditor Al1238’s list along with “almost every episode from season 5,” is “Two Minutes To Midnight.”

Not only does the episode have Death’s iconic and epic introduction to the show, but it has Sam proving his worth and his heroism, hilarious Crowley and Bobby content, and it’s a wonderful precursor to the season 5 finale. Overall, it is one of the Kripke era’s best episodes.

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