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Young Sheldon’s Veronica Is Georgie’s Ex-Wife In TBBT – Theory Explained

Veronica may currently be absent in Young Sheldon, but she could come back and become one of Georgie’s ex-wives as revealed in The Big Bang Theory.

Veronica (Isabel May) from Young Sheldon may end up as Georgie’s (Montana Jordan) ex-wife in The Big Bang Theory. Given its prequel nature, a portion of the Coopers’ future has already been revealed through its parent series. That includes George’s (Lance Barber) cheating scandal and subsequent death; Missy’s (Raegan Revord) divorce, and Sheldon’s (Iain Armitage) Nobel Prize in Physics win. As for Georgie, he has a very successful life ahead of him being the owner of Dr. Tire — the biggest tire dealership in Texas. Unfortunately, like his sister, his love life wouldn’t be going as smoothly as he would like.

The Cooper kids are growing rapidly. Young Sheldon season 4 saw both Sheldon and Missy deal with their respective attraction to the opposite sex. Sheldon had his brief infatuation with Paige (Grace McKenna), who led him to believe that the feeling was mutual although it was not the case. Meanwhile, Missy got into her very first relationship with a boy named Marcus. Sadly, things didn’t work out in the end after she saw him hanging out with another girl behind her back. As for Young Sheldon’s Georgie, his relationship with Janna (Ava Allan) became more stable. Despite this, many are still wondering what happened to his first love, Veronica, and whether or not she will come back to the show.

At this point, the character continues to be absent in the sitcom. Veronica debuted in Young Sheldon season 2, episode 6 titled “Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan.” She appeared sporadically since then with her final appearance in Young Sheldon season 3, episode 17 titled “An Academic Crime and a More Romantic Taco Bell.” Her relationship with Georgie was quite complicated; he was clearly smitten with her, but she’s unable to reciprocate despite also being attracted to him. That being said, if a popular theory comes to fruition, Veronica could still return in Young Sheldon and ultimately marry Georgie. As revealed in The Big Bang Theory, the eldest Cooper kid first got married when he was 19. Given the timeline, many are convinced that his first wife could be Veronica.

No explanation has been given regarding the character’s sudden absence in Young Sheldon. This means that she could very well still exist in the show but she just hasn’t been featured again. This makes sense considering that Georgie had been busy with his latest girlfriend, Janna. However, that relationship has also recently come to an end after she broke up with him. The fact that her father was already against them dating, she knew that there’s no way that they could continue seeing each other now that Georgie’s a high school dropout. This could be the perfect time to bring Veronica back to the sitcom. While her return doesn’t have to mean that she immediately starts dating Georgie, the pair could reconnect and in a few more years, eventually decide to get married.

Unfortunately, even if this turns out to be the case, Georgie and Veronica don’t seem like they’re meant to be together. As revealed in The Big Bang Theory, Georgie split up with his first wife and married another unnamed woman. However, by the time he visited Pasadena for his brother’s wedding, he’s single again. In any case, at least Young Sheldon can fill narrative gaps regarding the character’s personal arc in the franchise.

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